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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wok Master

I had a meeting after work in Segafredo of Dar AlAwadi.... It is not the first time we have a meeting there, and best thing about this cafe is that they leave you alone without taking your order. You actually have to call them to your table if you want something to eat/drink... and since we are always busy looking into the laptop screen and paperwork, they assume that we are just "using" their chairs... which is mostly the case hahaha! I was starving, but I was in the mood for some Chinese!

I got home at around 5:10PM and ordered from Wok Master right away... I simply LOVE their food so much :-) I order sweet corn soup, sweet & sour chicken, and Singaporean noodles! *Again, sorry for the picture quality.... no I did not buy a camera yet!*

Daddy's Girl... are those the Chinese boxes you are looking for? :-P

Wok Master
Tel # 2575-0081


3anooda said...

allay - u get them in the boxes like in the moveis

when i was in the states me and my friends once called all the chinese takeaways and we just asked about their boxes - when we finally found on that uses them, THEN we ordered. LOOOL. we called about 40 places. hahahahah


Scorpion said...

eeeeeeeeeew :/ we3 chines food

Hasan.B said...

Ethaher I need to stop checking this blog until I am back home!! Bel3fya

Big Pearls said...

I love the chineese boxes, mn zman mo 6alba mn wok master..ba6leb noodles and eat it straight from the box while watching my episodes...wanasa:)

Ansam said...

Yeah we do :-) Its fun to eat out of the box

I enjoyed it X-P

Wish I can give you some :-P

Big Pearls-
Me too... 3alaich bel3afia moqadaman

New Bride said...

alaah the boxes :) wanasaaaa

shno el sir everbody ydawer 3laa elboxes ??

Web Weaver said...

I want to comment about Segafredo. I want to know, what's with them?? Is it their way? Or the staff are not in the mood to work? Same thing happened to me. I had to shout to get the waitress's attention, and the manager was sitting in a corner with his laptop and didn't give a damn! Do you think the owner is aware of it?

Oh! I love Chinese. What else is good at Wok Master?

Technogal said...

Your post helped a lot! I was reading through the blogs in my class break at the Uni.. at that time I was extremely hungry and wondering what to have for dinner ! Until I reached your post.. and guess what the first thing that caught my eyes was the Singaporean Noodles
I called them immediately after the class.. and the food was really amazing.
Thanks Ansam & 3leech bel3afia :)

Ansam said...

New Bride-
Its like drinking a coke out of a bottle instead of a can ;-)

Web Weaver-
I know! hehehe weird! I have no idea. I like the beef in black pepper sauce as well as Szechuan beef or shrimps. YUMMM

Oh I am glad you found it helpful :-D el3afo.. 3alaich balf 3afia

Daddy's Girl said...

oooh tawnee ashoof this post!

yes yes this is the goo6eeee!!!!

a7la shay when u eat chinese min hal qwai6i... totally different experience!!!

Ansam said...

Daddy's Girl-
I totally agree hehehe

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