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Friday, April 10, 2009

Rotten Burger King

I always like my burgers PLAIN with nothing else but cheese and sometimes whatever special sauce -that is actually good- that I would not mind. I ordered Burger King Whopper Jr. and for some reason I forgot to mention that I did not want lettuce nor tomato. I had a couple of bites and decided to remove the tomatoes.... GLAD I LOOKED! It is disgusting! A rotten tomato :-S

I kept asking myself what if I had a bite of it already... it got me sick, so I drove to Qadsiya branch and asked for the manager, he came in

Manager: Yes ma'am
Ansam: (putting the burger on the counter) Please explain this?
Manager: What ma'am?
Ansam: The rotten tomato sir!!!
Manager: Where? I dont see anything (at this point he removed the bun and still acting there was nothing wrong with it)
Female Staff: Sir... here! (pointing at it)
Manager: Ohhhh that
Ansam: Yeah THAT
Manager: OK ma'am, do you want me to replace it?
Ansam: Is this your way of solving it?
Manager: No I will take care of the kitchen staff, meanwhile do you want a fresh one?
Ansam: NO! (I was thinking, no apologies, no sorries, no how can we make it up to you? WHY DID I EVEN COME)... Give me the number or your headquarters?
Manager: Here, look it up in the poster

I was furious at this point, he was not even polite enough to give it to me

Ansam: FINE! And by the way... I took pictures, that I am planning on publishing online
Manager: OK!!
Ansam: BYE

And I stormed out!

What kind of customer service/retention/loyalty are they seeking?


Big Pearls said...

Ewww, that was really bad! You should definitely take serious action.

Hasan.B said...

You should take this matter to the public health guys. Saying that however, I am one big fan of burger king!

Neoark said...

my friend works as a food inspector, i should make an interview with him :P

you'll be disgusted

Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
I will... 7addi shaysha!
And where did you disappear to????

I will... I am planning to! I like BK too but I am just disgusted now!

He should see this post then :-S

Amar said...

Call el baladiya big time! a7la shay in Kuwait is the quality of food. We really do not want careless people like that change this!

I cannot imagine how you felt when you saw this... :(

Ansam said...

Will they do anything about it? Seriously? and imagine my facial expression!

Man I feel like throwing up :-S

3anooda said...

such hige corporate conglomerates dont really give a shit - even if u go to the papers with it nothing will happen

the only difference is that maybe people will have a peek in their burgers before taking a bite

that is te unfortunate realities

Abdulla said...

I hope he gets fired

Ansam said...

Yeah true :-/

I think I am getting sick hehehe

Mathai said...

Yuck ! I guess McD is the only safe place to eat now. What an A$$hole of a manager !

Anonymous said...

after all....it is JUNK FOOD

Daddy's Girl said...


u were lucky! At least it was a somewhat edible food item!

I once bit into my spicy bean burger and with my bite came something that looked like a rotten frayed shoe lace inside burger!

We talk to the manager they only said they are sorry u want us to replace it blah blah...

we talked to 7mayat mostahlik the next day... they said we cannot do anything because u did not come in the same day!

La wallah

i still have the pictures if anyone is interested

g63 g63 g63

سبمبوت said...


Dont call .. Dont communicate directy, just send a copy of this page of your blog to the BK main e-mail. Let them read the comments and eveything.

KTDP said...

mmmmmm ...... even more protein .....

Ansam said...

Yeah.. no more rotten food for me :-( I dont like tomatoes much and now I cant even think about them :-S

True, but I crave junk food a lot lol

Daddy's Girl-
DO SHARE! estaghfarallaaaah

I already posted it on their facebook group!

LOL mo wagtaaaaaa

s1k0 said...

i would have thrown the sandwhich at him, he was lucky a guy didn't get that sandwhich or 3agad

Anonymous said...

That is DISGUSTING! I am glad you confronted the manager (hope you got his name) and I hope you will follow through with a complaint to the head company. He should be fired for his attitude, as well as for his lax oversight of his staff.

Grey said...

Eww ! you know im addict for BK buger right ?

well ! one less customer ! arrrgh !

Chirp said...

Araf istaqferallah...thats so disgusting .. Thank God you saw it before you ate it!

Anonymous said...

eeeewwwww!!! Somsom, I hope you're not sick!!!! You should have put your finger in your mouth and threw up whatever bite you took of the burger on the manager. That will teach him to be polite. I love eating out but i'm not into those fast food chains...

Zabo0o6a said...

Baaaaaaah !
It's been over a year since i last had ; burger king ,McD's, Kfc , Hardeez or Pizza hut !
I guess i boycotted them for a reason :/
what happened to you after you bit into it and saw the tomatoes?

Zabo0o6a said...

la7'6a ana ga3da astaw3ed is that Big Pearl's for REAL?

مساعد said...

I just read about it in three blogs ..

Wallah that manager will be really sorry for simply agreed for publishing it online.

w kha6ach el soo :)

Daddy's Girl said...

I have uploaded the pictures to my media library...

it was in 2004 which means we have boycotted Burger King for almost 5 years now!!!

O the thing was dark green and very hard, we were told it was either a shoe lace or a plastic thing but it had shriviled from the heat :S

Picture 1
Picture 2

w3 g63!

Big Pearls said...

Been through a rough time. Missed you a lot.

Anonymous said...

Which BK was that ??

Anonymous said...

egyptian management and workers i bet...

Web Weaver said...

Allah yezeed el ne3mah!!! The only burgers I have are Johnny Rockets, and once they brought the patty half cooked, and I returned it. The manager appologized and gave us some chilli fries, as complimentary.

Ansam said...

His reaction made me just so angry but I did not want to say anything anymore.... so I just stormed out... I was so disgusted

VERY disgusting :-(
I dont know what will my complaint do... they dont seem to care, and some people are already making this seem like a conspiracy theory! Like I own McDonalds and I am trying to ruin BK!!!

I likED their burgers, but I cant see myself going back :-(

I had a couple of bites :'-(
I am so disgusted!

I am still OK heheheh
I should have! Ba6 chabdi!

Good for you walla... I like junk food lil asaf :-(
I was so so so disgusted :-(

I sent the pic to a couple of blogs... and I also read it on 248am. Where else did you read about it?
Kha6aak ellash.

Daddy's Girl-
I am boycotting them too.... for cleanliness of course and for the way they treated the problem when I went there!

Big Pearls-
You have been missed :-)
I hope all is good with you now



Web Weaver-
I should only stick to gourmet burgers, they are cleaner and they taste MUCH better!!

don_veto said...

no more burger king for me.

Cr8ivia said...

il7imdilla since i was kid i eat only PLAIN sandwiches , totaly plain sandwiches :D

u should email burger king ilasli

a girl with a fringe said...


3yalna ow ahalna kelehom yaklun men their rotten food!

MUST BE REPORTED; if Kuwait doesn't take care of it, BK's head management in FLORIDA should deal with our management in KUWAIT

Ala yekhes'hom mojrimeen!

fastfooder said...

Holy Crap!!
burger king is a disgrace fo fast food :(

scout said...

Am sorry Ansam . I didn't know you . don't take it personally. I said ( maybe ) and maybe not . You have the right you must get it .

Ansam said...

Yeah! Me too :-(

Me too.... love'em plain! I dont know how it slipped my mind this time :-S 3ala 7athy :-(

a girl with a fringe-
Its disgusting! I cant even describe my feeling :-(

:-S Problem is... I had a couple of bites!

No need for sorry. I dont have to convince anyone to believe me! I just posted it for whoever cares. I also msged one of the marketing guys here and Kuwait and I am waiting for his response on this!

Organic Kuwait said...


powder said...

such a bastard , i would throw the rotten tomatoe on his face :@

Ralph said...

In which branch this incident happened?
Do you remember the name of the manager you talked to?

Ansam said...

Organic Kuwait-
Its gross :-S

Grrrrrr! Sij yebo6 el chabd

No, but I know how he looks like

eshda3wa said...

god i feel SICK

Ansam said...

And imagine I ate some... a couple of bites :'-(

monssoon said...

Why you did not take this matter to the Baladiya; why waiting if you really care about public health and kuwait residents. My kids eat at BK every week, they really care about their customers and their food quality.

Anonymous said...

No Comments! lol
I sure do not want to be put in this situation .. although those kinda incidents occur from time to time .. but thats always the worse thing that could ever happen in a restaurant.. and there's nothing u can do other than apologize to the costumer and promise it won'y happen again :)

Ansam said...

I contacted the HQ instead and they took action :-)
Hopefully this will work out for the best

I do not wish for anyone to be in my situation... specially that I ate some of it :-(

Bashar said...


I heard from someone who worked there at summer that in McDonalds, a tomato is cut and prepared. if it's not used for 10 mins, it's thrown out!

Waste of food? Yes, but better than selling rotten food.

So I guess I need a new suggestion for my meal this week :)

Ansam said...

I dont think that this is true!?

Bizkit Park said...

that what comes from burger king, i stopped eating it since 2000 ;)

Ansam said...

Bizkit Park-
Moshkila I cant give up junk food :-S

Bashar said...

Ansam: It's a relative of mine that was working there, that's what she said. Has she exaggerated? I can't really tell. But I also heard from people in baladiya, McDonalds stands as one of the cleanest. I don't personally like it though :)

Ansam said...

I see... I will miss the whopper, cuz I dont think I wanna eat junk food any time sooooon :-S

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