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Friday, April 3, 2009

I Found Eden

I have been trying many nail bars since the one I like is always "fully booked" and smoking friendly.. I like to go do my nails in a quiet nice relaxing atmosphere, and I can finally say I found "IT"... I am in love with Eden Salon & Spa. I was told about this place from my friend Allison some time ago, but it was earlier today that I decided to take an appointment and go. It was raining so my hair was all wet, I took an appointment for hair brushing/blow dry, and pedicure/manicure (cost: KD17 in total).

Their pedicure and manicure were oh-so-good... first they start with scrubbing and cleaning both; your hands and feet, apply some relaxing lotion, wrap'em in nylon, then put'em in cotton socks/gloves -as a mask- while doing your nails in the same time.... they are open fingers gloves/open toes socks... after you're done with that, they massage'em for you :-)

The place is clean, the staff are super nice and friendly.... their equipment are clean and sterilized... something I really look into before doing my nails. I can easily say now that Eden will be my new salon :-) I highly recommend it ladies.

Other services, besides hair and nails, are tanning, slimming machines, make-up, facials, massages and much more!!

Its located across the street from WOW Caterers, and their phone numbers are: 2241-9556 & 2241-9557

Note: Pictures are taken from their facebook group.


Anonymous said...

That was wonderful.
Thanks Ansam for the feedback.
Glad you liked the Salon and look forward to seeing you again.
Try a massage or facial next time.


Jacqui said...

You know Allison?!

I went to school with her hehe.. wow it really is a small world :P

Ansam said...

No, thank you :-) I was looking, really really looking around for a place like Eden :-) I am gonna try the other services!

Yes, I do... shes so sweet, isnt she?

eshda3wa said...

i mite go check it out soon

shoosha said...


were u the one the posted about Rice, the restaurant? wain alagy ib the avenues.. mali khilg a7oos adawer ;p

thnx ;*

Ansam said...

I went again today for a foot massage! Amazing :-)

Yes... its located in Avenues Phase II - food court right next to The Butcher Shop :-)

Aurous said...

I was looking for a nice place to go to :)

I'll sure give it a try soon :D

Scorpion said...

fe 7alaq esma shabab il fe7a mo 6abe3ey ya3ny etha taboooon testefedon :P :P :P :P

Ansam said...

I hope you like it as much as I did :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad u liked the foot massage.

Jacqui, we knew eachother from school? Im on facebook r u? Im curious about who u r now...lol

*Allison Woolford*

Jacqui said...

Allie, yeah we know each other, graduated same class hehe my name starts with a J as well :P

Ansam, cool she is awesome I am proud to have known her in school :)

Ansam said...

Loved it... coming two days in a row means something, doesnt it? heheheh

Its a small world after all :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank You ^_^"

Read this


i did go there ^_^"

Ansam said...

Awww :-) Thanks, glad you liked it

Tazz said...

Don't forget to check out the website, loads of photos, videos and information in there, btw I designed it :))


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