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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I <3 Rustica

I went to Rustica... AGAIN :-D
I LOVE this place.... I can easily say that its my favorite pizza place in town. I talked about it so much to my cousins and they wanted to try it... Actually one of them was looking for THE BEST pizza in Kuwait, and since she just delivered her baby a couple of month back and did a mini surgery, it was hard to go out... we decided to have Rustica Pizza at their place, my cousin's house.

She said: Hmmmm, now this pizza is my favorite in Kuwait too! - Hers was the Margarita

and my other cousin goes: I agree, it got this "Italian" taste and feel to it - Hers was the Veggies

Me: *munch* *munch* *munch* hmmm yes yes yes - Mine was half pepperoni and half mushroom

What can I say? The place is nice, the food is awesome, the staff are super duper friendly....

Pizza anyone?


eshda3wa said...


Hasan.B said...

Where is it located?

Ahmed Al Musallam said...

Just when I decided to lose weight, I found your blog..

Goodbye to losing weight! lol

Wain 9ayer hatha? o shlon as3ara? lol

Ansam said...

Alla ye3afeeeech :-)

Avenues - Phase II, food court. When you go up the escalators, go towards the Butcher's Shop, Rice comes after that, then Wasabi, and last one is Rustica.

LOL buhbye diet :-P
Its in the Avenues (check above)
Prices are hmmm around KD3 per pizza

Anonymous said...

Lol .. ana b3ad nafs a7med :@
I decided to lose weight 2 days ago.. !
Food blogs interest me !
Bel3afya Ansam .. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, like a place we would love! Please tell me they have thin crust pizzas? How are their salads?

Daddy's Girl said...

bel 3afiya hon :D

i liked their ravioli... i told the waiter to make it with tomatoe sauce instead of cream...

and next time try the pizza with goat cheese and sundried tomaotes

we were sitting next to thee window when a little boy who was almost 2, he was running and smack slammed into the window, o fell down next to me crying... in 2 seconds o before i reached him, the lebanese manager was there, running, scooped him up and hugged him o asked him where his mom was...

turned out the child was lost b3d!

o g3d sa3a hugging the boy o took good care of him until his family strolled by the securtiy o said "oh theres our boy" o took him away without a thanx!

Seriously some people do not deserve kids!!! the child was out of his mind from fright!!!!

chandal/danchal!! said...



i love their goat cheese pizza with sun dried tomato... they have a drink... i forgot the name!... i think vita

its a blend of passion fruit with blackberry... AMAZING

again... bel 3aafya

Scorpion said...

awal mara ASMA3 3ANA !

Reem said...

please tell me they are gona have a delivery service soon?;p

Web Weaver said...

bel3afya! I love their veggi and margharita too.

Ansam said...

Hanan Sweetypie-
LOL I am bad :-P
Alla ye3afeeeech :-)

It is wonderful... I am in love with their pizza (thin crust and fresh)... I have not tried their salads to be honest LOL I just go straight to the pizza!

Daddy's Girl-
Alla ye3afeech
I only tried their yummy pizzas...
The goat cheese and sundried tomaotes sounds very tempting! Hmmmm thanks for the tip :-*
Ohhh very helpful friendly staff ;-) Some people need to seek mental help huh?

Alla ye3afeeeech :-)
I will try it inshalla soon
Yummm ye3t hehehe

Its the same as Harrod's Pizzeria

I dont think so :-(

Web Weaver-
Alla ye3afeech

Purgatory said...

you just like it coz staff are friendly

Weld El-ma6aba said...

I totally agree with you, the place is amazing ! the crust on their pizza is to die for

Ansam said...

Whatever makes you happy

Weld El-ma6aba-
I know... yummmm

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