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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bits From Here & There

I read almost all the newspapers, and some websites, every morning at work (research related). So I get the chance to know who wrote what first, or compare the different info given on the same subject, or spot typos.... Specially when its one newspaper with a typo against MANY others...

Yesterday, while browsing AlWatan Newspaper I spotted a very shocking news piece! It states that Saudi Telecom Company, STC, is giving distributions of SAR75.3! I was like Whoa! Whatta company to be distributing that much PER SHARE! I knew right there and then that this was a typo, specially when I started reading other newspapers and websites. It is suppose to read SAR3.75... (simple math, since they added SAR3 and SAR0.75). I decided to double check with AlWatan and called the Economic Division.

Let me tell you the guy was SO RUDE!!

He was like; "Sister... can I tell you something? First of all, for such mistakes DO NOT COME TO US, call KUNA for that they are our main source, so it is NOT US to blame... secondly where do you work?"

I was shocked! I told him this was not the right way to speak to me, and that all other sites and newspaper got it right so it could be a typo and I only meant well! And I told him I work in a field where I have to check such news on daily basis... he interrupted me and asked if I work for STC? I said no, and he was like then why do you care! I WAS FURIOUS at such treatment! I swear I thought they were gonna do something about it and not investigate with me! Grrrrrrr!

Oh and whats up with guys I see at work with bags!? I am talking little LV purses with no handles (no, not portfolios)! I dont like Male-brandwhores! I dont like seeing guys who are dressed in brands head to toes with the initials of that brand allover... well, girls as well! Its distracting! I have seen some girls some time ago at the avenues who were dressed this way! Screaming for attention with all the Gucci, LV, and God knows what logos on their clothes, earrings, handbags! Ughhhhh!

And why am I still suffering from my flu! I know I had a bad case of flu with respiratory infection, middle ear infection, fever of 39.5C, and sore throat! How long dose it take to be cured? And why am I still lethargic!

Hahahahaha I reread what I wrote and I am nagging a lot :-P And that guy's ad that I read on Buzberry is annoying me too!!

I am just being Grouchy Smurf for the day I guess :-P (By the way... if you strangle a smurf, what color will he turn to?)


Jonyboy said...

Hahaha....hey Ansam, you are already on the 'hit-list' of BK n now Al Watan, too. Wonder how u end up with such ppl either at the counter or at the other end of a telephone?

Hmmm....''male-brandwhores''....now is tat a new word in the Webstar's or was tat a 'TYPO'...???!!!

Still lethargic? Must be the side-effects of the ABs u had. Chill n hav some ice or lemon tea.

Hahhaa...lol at ur question abt strangling a smurf. My guess wud be...tat it might turn white (n die).

Ahmed Al Musallam said...

Sheeesh that guy in Al Watan...
Why does everywhere only require "Bachelor's Degree" or such degrees, and no check up on a person's attitude?

Most of the places that refuse to employ me have such people.. they go "you need a diploma" or "you need a bachelor's" and you hear the sickest jokes and the stupidest attitudes in the back.

Allah e3een lol

And matshofeen shar.

And totally LOL at the smurf thingy!

Daddy's Girl said...

Loool sanfoor '3athban is my all time favourite sanfooor :D

He would turn purple if u strangle him

and ur still sick because u DID NOT REST ENOUGH...

O that phone call shows you how professional alwatan is. Ra7at 3lehom khalaaaas... il sharha 3laych ilee ga3da itwaz7een lohom kha6a2 kha6eer...

I remember once i read an ad about a 1000m house in al nuzha or khaldiya for 200,000 KD only... i call the estate agent in the ad and i say "Hello, excuse me i want to ask about the house in Nuzh..." when the guy screams in frustration "IT WAS A MISTAKE MISTAAAAAAAAKE MISTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEEE IT IS NOT 200 ALF ITS WRITTEN WROOOONGGG ..."

o gam yesarekh yesarekh, i guess he spent all morning answering that Q... chan asek il telephone ib wayha il rayal hastar maskeen :D

eshda3wa said...

what more can u expect from alwatan

New Bride said...

walah the call shows shloon ohma waayed mehtmeen bl3omlaa , 7safa 3laa alwatan .

wee3 i hate elnas elee mn foog le t7t brands girls or boys but in kuwait waayed mnhom .

i had a flue 2 :(

Anonymous said...

mashallah 3alaich ansaam...
shilich bil 3awar ilras??
daga 3ala ilwa6an 3ashan a typo??
laish ya3nii? latdaqiqeeen 3ala ashya' matiswa...
la7atht 3alaich hal shay..
hun, LIVE! stop complaining! wallah il3atheeeeem..
ikhthay na9ee7tiii, next time you see a typo, or whatever, I-G-N-O-R-E ...
and believe me, it's soooo much better.
ou hathaa rude ou hatha madree shsa;fitta, kaifhum ya ansam.. Be the better person!!

inshallaah istifadtay min kalamii.

Chirp said...

Mashalaaah 3alaich ina u noticed! HOW RUDE OF HIM!

I dislike male brandwhores as well, even female ones. Bas with males its worse.

And I think when u strangle a smurf they turn purple. Kaifi :p

KTDP said...

set fire to the man purses ..... before someone ropes me into buying one .... quick .....

Ansam said...

LOL! Yeah! For AlWatan, I meant well, I swear. I was like I just wanted to let you know about the mistake cuz you're the only newspaper with that typo (but I said more, its lost in translation)
No... Male-brandwhore is not a typo, at least not to me!
White Strangled Smurf! Hmmm interesting! :-P

Ahmed Al Musallam-
He was really rude, that email does not really show the real conversation! I wish I had it recorded hehehe
Eshar mayeek :-) Thyanks

Daddy's Girl-
After I posted that here and on my FB I realized I know so many Grouchy Smurfs hehehe... So purple, hmmm ok!!
I know... my dad was really upset that I am not resting, specially when he saw me after Totally Fish's dinner, he was like "ERTA7AY!"
And about AlWatan, tell me about it! Ughhhh!
LOL that guy is a nutcase! I wonder how many calls he got :-P

No comment hahahaha :-P

New Bride-
Me too :-S Its bad
And salamat, I hope you feel better :-)

Thanks... Inshalla :-)

Very rude!!!
Me too! They look horrible :-S
Another purple, I think purple is winning here hehehe

LOL! Bedait ashek feek :-P

Grey said...

Did you take a salt water gargle ?

Web Weaver said...

Why is it bank employees get brain washed about customer service?? Why not other Enterprises and Government facilities give their employees these kind of courses. They need it more than we do :((
And rudness is almost everywhere these days!

Smurfs turn dark purple when they are agngry or strangled.

Ansam said...

Hmmm I will do that tonight! Thanks :-)

Web Weaver-
I have no idea! They do need it sara7a! I agree!

More for purple strangled Smurf hehehe!

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