"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Brighter Day :-)

After those horrible 48 hrs, my dad decided to take me out to my grandma's house.... it was a good idea, and I saw the sun today after 48 hrs of darkness hehehe. Yeah, it was that bad.. I would wake up and eat or drink something just to be able to take meds and go back to my dark room and lay down or sleep... I would walk around with a blanket just in case I feel dizzy! Well, I had breakfast with dad and he was like "lets go to Mama Aisha!?"

I love going there, I was only worried about giving her my flu, so I sat away from here, watching her move around trying to feed us, hehehehe cute...

She would always serve us rahash "sweet tahini dessert" and Arabian coffee... sometimes dates and other kinds of gourmet chocolates. She would almost always give slices of sweet potatoes, pomegranates, pomelo... whichever season applies!

She is your old fashioned grandma, who tries to pull your skirt down while sitting next to you, hinting its short :-P Shes always wearing her traditional "dara'a and thoub".... ALWAYS!

I am glad I went out today.... it was a treat of some sun rays, fresh air, and sweets at grandma's!

I also feel much better and ready to go back to work tomorrow :-)


Scorpion said...

eeeeeeeeeew !!
its nice to know that u r much better but its eeeeeeew to know that u r going to work tomorrow !!

alaah ye3enich
kil man metmalil !!!

Fastidious Babe said...

im glad ur feeling much better! nothing works like a breath of fresh air and some sun.. and loads of love lol xx

Jonyboy said...

I think ur grandma's place did the trick n not the meds. ;)

Mama's n grandma's everywhere, sure knows how to ''cure'' their lil ones....with their un-dying love.

Glad to know tat u r feeling betta, today.

Daddy's Girl said...

El7amd le allah ur better now :D

tha7ekatnee ur mama aisha pulling ur skirt when she sits next to u looooool

allah yekhaleeha lokom insha2 allah :D

His Sweetheart said...

7ayatee ana!
I love grannies!

Glad you're kicking asses again :D

Ansam said...

I feel like I am ready to go back to work hehehe mallait min ga3dat el beit wil marath!

Fastidious Babe-
Thanks... I agree :-)

Yeah, hehehe maybe you are right :-) Thanks

Daddy's Girl-
Thanks :-* Yeah... her way of "I dont wanna impose, but this is how I feel" kinda act hehehe
Thanks dear... alla yesalmich :-)

His Sweetheart-
Shes the sweetest :-) Thanks

rashisha said...

Im glad you are feeling better :)

Hasan.B said...

Estanast 3la yadetech. I never got the chance to meet my grandmothers.

Fatima said...

7emdila its good to know your getting back on your feet o eager to get back o work, but not many would look forward to work again :P do u mind me asking shino majal sh'3lich?

Ansam said...

Thanks :-)

Hehehe shes adorable. Love her
Alla yer7am your grandmothers

Thanks :-) I have to, otherwise the work will pile up! hehehehe
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