"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

This is gonna be one random post! Hahaha

1. I have been having Coffee Republic for every day of the week last week, and I ordered again today!

2. I was coughing so much last night that I took my pectoral bottle and drank out of it directly (I may have overdosed but I was desperate too LOL), I go back to sleep right away... and wake up again after a couple of hours and start coughing more... I am at work and still coughing! Any remedies you wanna share? BE MY GUEST!

3. I have almost lost a couple of senses :-P hearing and smelling :-P (yes, I am STILL suffering with the flu and flu aftermath)... despite all that, I almost fainted in the elevator! I was with a couple of people and I got stuck the longest with the smelliest person ever! The thing with the elevators at work is that you punch in the number of your floor before going in, so there was literally no way out... my eyes became watery, I coughed a lot and covered my nose and started to turn blue (I work on the 17th floor)!

4. My best friend got engaged :-D *YAAAY*

5. I need to have a massage, but I'm so busy that I have all afternoons busy this week! Ughhhh! I only have today and still I did not book an appointment! What am I waiting for? Really?

6. Is it so bad that sometimes I have to (HAVE TO) plan my day ahead and I work on the hour to meet all the "to dos" on my day, that if something so little comes up, my plans go into chaos! Did that make any sense? Well last Thursday I had back-to-back plans, plus I always miss lunch at my uncle's so I just leave after work and catch up with them on dessert or so... but a meeting came up, and I left work at almost 5:00PM and I skipped my uncle's house but still could not make it to my friend's reception :-( Yeah because I had to do so many things that afternoon :-(

7. Twitter seems to be fun so far! I am still clueless though about many things.

8. On May 18th, ahme... my birthday, I am leaving blogger! Yes, I have made up my mind!


Grey said...

You cough when the chest gets cold... wear thick clothes :P

Big Pearls said...

1-I love CR. Give me your recommendations. I trust your taste;)

2-Hmmm coughing is becoming very common & nothing seems to make it get better! I heard many complaints the past 2 weeks!

3-I hate elevators.

4-Congrats to your friend:)

5-What are u waiting for? Call Banyan Tree now:)

6-You need a holiday!

7-I should look into twitter!


Web Weaver said...

Drink Camamoil tea... it eases the cough. Maybe you should go for a second check up.

Being busy is good: Work saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need. Voltaire.

Fastidious Babe said...

what? why?!!!!!

as for the flu.. maybe its an allergy? check it out..

and again.. WHY would u leave?

Scorpion said...

1-Y don’t u switch to Turkish coffee?
2-Salamtich :/
3-R u sure u lost ur smelling sense? If so let go to House of kabab and u know why!!! I GUESS!
4-She is my twin remember!! 2-11
5-I can be ur therapist :>:>:>:>
6-Then don’t make plans anymore!!
7-Have no idea about it EEESH HAZAAA !?!?!
8-I don’t think so that u can!!

Zabo0o6a said...

Leaving blogger? men sij?

Ansam said...

Its too hot for thick clothes now :-S I cant

Big Pearls-
1. I am loving their strawberry milk shake + almond raspberry muffin. I also love their sandwiches, their bire cheese with cranberry (I add turkey and remove the lettuce) IS SO GOOD
4. Thanks ;-)
5. I got caught up at work and did not call any spa :-/
6. I DO
7. Do so.. I am enjoying it so far hehehe

Web Weaver-
I had non at work so I had iced tea on my way back home (I KNOW I KNOW! I am asking for it LOL)
Well, I like being busy but I do need a break :-S

Fastidious Babe-
You will know soon why ;-)

1. Not a fan :-P
2. Alla yesalmik
3. I swear to God I knew your comment was gonna be related to House of Kabob! I did remember "it" from the guy with me in the elevator :-S
4. Winni3im fekom both :-* Luv you
6. I do "sometimes" not all the time
7. Try it :-P
8. Will see ;-)

Yes, on my birthday :-P

Hasan.B said...

Dont leave blogger. Ohwa layeg 3laich wente layqatla. By your best friend you do not mean hamitaf rgiht? Lana chethe hamitaf ra7at 3laina;P

Hasan.B said...

Btw, 3ashat bent il taurus!

Ansam said...

Hahahaha we will see, and its not Hamitaf (bes inshalla nesma3 khabar zawajha soon also)
3aash ghaleek doctor :-)

Purgatory said...

no more barista adventures ;p?

Ansam said...

You miss that???? hahahaha shakhbaari

KTDP said...

leaving as in the end of the blog or moving to wordpress??

[starts playing "this is the end" by the doors.]


Aurous said...

8- laish?!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Shino y3ni ur leaving blogger?

Ok u said ur leaving bloggER not blogGING... so my guess is ur relocating somewhere else?

wordpress maybe?!

Ahmed Al Musallam said...

This is the first post that you make, that actually upsets me. x.x

What am I gonna do when I need a good read now?
You're not allowed to leave!
Happy Birthday by the way, your gift from me is a coupon for one more year on blogger! (obligatory)

Ansam said...

I have my reasons :-)

Ahmed Al Musallam-
Awwww! I did not mean to upset you!
You are so sweet, thank you... wait till May 18th and lets see what happens ;-)

Ahmed Al Musallam said...

Fine.. you have a one month vacation, but that's it!

Fatima said...

# 8! seriously?? mabuga shay 3la 18th, you should postpone ur bday! but again seriously??

Ansam said...

Ahmed Al Musallam-
LOL will see about that ;-)

Yes, I have made up my mind :-) LOL imagine that! Postponing my birthday hehehe

DD said...

wala mara jarabt Coffee Republic!
And eat 7elba with 3asal for coughing
Dont leave blogger :(

Ahmed Al Musallam said...

Etha you changed your mind o decided to stay....

3azmech 3ala chees banak! nes'har 3alaih le el 9eb7!

Ansam said...

You should give it a try! Its amazing! Love their food too

Ahmed Al Musallam-
No thanks :-P

Anonymous said...

Leaving blogger for what, Wordpress???!!!

Ansam said...

Anon + Daddy's Girl + KTDP-
*whistles* hmm hmmmm hmmmmmmm

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