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Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Sick :-(

I walk around with a blanket or a shawl and sit or lay down at any given opportunity because I cannot stand on my feet for too long, it would make me dizzy :-( I am sick of being sick... I missed two days of work already, and I am still sick. I went back again to the ER earlier today just to gain some energy to be able to go back to work tomorrow... and I ended up with more meds. I really wanna be back on my feet sooooo soon:-(

Do we have Airborne in Kuwait?


Rashisha said...

Salamat Ansam :( I hope YOu get to feeling better real soon :*

Web Weaver said...

Drink Chamomile and sleep as much as you can ;) it worked for me. I woke up at ten, and had something to eat so I can take my meds. then went back to sleep.
What did the docs give you?
& salamat, rest well.

Delly said...

abaih! kella min ma9er!! matshofeen shar inshalla hun ;*

Manal said...

سلامات يالغالية
اجر وعافية

Web Weaver said...

Ansam that is too much meds!!!
Stick to the Augmantine & the Vitamin C.... Panadol if you need it. The rest is too much!

Daddy's Girl said...

Inzain intay laish ga3da itdoreen???

Ge3day o seknay 3shan it6ebeen!!!

Ay dawam!!! inzain even if u can handle dawam think about the others whome u might spread the flu too... kaifah il dawam se7etich aham!!!

O shino hal 7afla ile 3ndich???

I know that Augmenteen is good... so is actived o vicks... kilish kilish some balmex o tala7afee o namay!!!

eshda3wa said...

1000 salamah 3alaich

Anonymous said...

you need to go to alkha6eeb clinic in 7awali- Dr.Aseel & Dr. Areej are really amazing. Their number is listed in the paper/g.l

Cr8ivia said...

Airborne is a dietary supplement and health formula created by a school teacher, which contains herbal extracts, amino acids, antioxidants, electrolytes, synthetic vitamins, and other ingredients, and can be purchased in many U.S. retail stores over-the-counter in three different forms: tablet, chewable lozenge, or powder.
It has been accused by the FTC of using false advertising[1] in its marketing and making unproven claims[2] that it could help ward off harmful bacteria and germs and help prevent the flu and the common cold. It has therefore been the subject of class action lawsuits and settlements. In addition to previous settlements including over $23 million in early 2008, Airborne paid an additional $7 million settlement on December 16, 2008 as part of charges that it made unproven claims to cure or prevent illness.[2] There are no studies supporting Airborne's effectiveness that meet scientific standards.

KTDP said...


Anonymous said...

Sallamat...I hope you feel better soon :)

Ansam said...

Thanks Shishaa.. alla yesalmich :-*

Web Weaver-
I am sleeping most of the day and night, not by choice but because I think the meds are making me drowsy! Day III and I still did not manage to go to work :-S

LOL no it happened way after my trip! I got back on March 28th... I got sick on April 5th, so it Egypt :-P

Alla yesalmich.. inshalla

Web Weaver-
I know :-( I am going to my ENT this afternoon. My ears and throat are kinda better but hurting. This is Energizer (not vitamin C) because I was feeling weak :-(

Daddy's Girl-
I am only going back and forth to the doctor :-(
I think I will be coming to work tomorrow inshalla... believe me I am sleeping like there is no tomorrow

Alla yesalmich :-*

Yeah I have been there before many times... ra7at 3an bali this time. Ebrat-hom 3ajeeba hehehehe


Alla yesalmick doc

Thanks... alla yesalmik

Scorpion said...

salamaat ma testahleeen
I just got rid of it I was sick :/
U need to use Nyquil if u still remember it !
No c evil inshala :P matshofen shar:P

Ansam said...

Evil no come to you :-P

Web Weaver said...

I'm only taking Augmentine, some vitamins and Echinacin to boost the immune system, the rest I threw away on the second day. They were making me drowsy and moody.

Anonymous said...

SomSom!!! Salamat Sweetie I just found out, I was wondering where you've been hiding and decided to check your blog :*** Sleep and sleep and then a nice glass of orange juice and chicken soup!!! They'll do the trick.

Ansam said...

Web Weaver-
I am going to my regular ENT Doc with all the medications for him to tell me what I can take off... I dont wanna go to work all drowsy hehehehe

Been there, done that hehhehe
Only Mama Aisha's Rahash and Gahwa made me better (check my other post)

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