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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arnold Palmer....... The Drink

How come no restaurant in town -here in Kuwait- ever heard of Arnold Palmer (half lemonade/half iced tea)? Shirley Temple seems to be more popular and known! I never ordered Arnold Palmer here without having to explain its half lemonade and half ice tea!

At those restaurants where I am a regular, they would know/understand that I like a "mixed" iced tea and lemonade, but still won't get Arnold Palmer!


Hasan.B said...

hatha mo el gambari juice 3la golat 3bdel7sain eb bye bye london:P

His Sweetheart said...

Haven't heard nor drunk it before hun!

Is it sour?

Web Weaver said...

I never tried a good ice tea in any restaurant or caffee. so how do expect them to know how to make an Arnold Palmer?

Ansam said...

LOL la la ice tea + lemonade

His Sweetheart-
Its like lemon iced tea only with more lemon hehehe I love it

Web Weaver-
Ohhh there are many! I can list a few for you:
*C&G mint ice tea (fih cinnamon stick)
*Coffee Republic Peach Iced Tea
*Bredz Apple flavored Iced Tea
*Arnold Palmer @ Chilis

Daddy's Girl said...

I guess because of the other half... the Ice tea thing...

It is not that popular in Q8... fa why would they bother with a drink that is a breed of two things that they do not do well... the lemonade and the iced tea?

I really want to find a place with good lemonade in Q8... not lamoon bel n3na3... no american style lemonade :(

The only place remotely close was that noodle factory in Avenues... but it's food is not that good fa i would not go all the way just for a juice...

Anonymous said...

Fauchon have a nice selection of ice teas.

Not sure if they have Arnold Palmer ;p

Ansam said...

Daddy's Girl-
Zaatar w Zeit? Le Notre?
Chilis? Traders Vic?
Laish mat7ebeen noodle factory?

Arnold Palmer is not an iced tea drink ;-) Its a mix that contain iced tea :-)

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