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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Does flushing the toilet cause dirty water to be spewed around the bathroom?

What is the one thing we use several times a day and probably do not think much about? Give up? It’s our toothbrush, that small slender little thing that some of us keep in our purses, some in their lunch pail and of course, we all have one in our bathrooms.

But, have you ever wondered what’s on your toothbrush? Bet, you haven’t!

Your toothbrush is a petri dish! Why? Well, for one thing it lives in an outhouse (bathroom,) if we carry it around with us it is usually in a closed zip lock bag or in a plastic container, with no room to breathe. Besides being confined, the poor thing gets hot and all kinds of things multiply on it!

Did you know some bacteria and viruses could survive for a week on a toothbrush? Yep! Such things as herpes simplex virus, influenza, and streptococcus, which leads to gum disease are just a few of the germs and bacteria that can lay in wait on your toothbrush.

Since most of us from the beginning of time have always kept our toothbrushes either in a toothbrush holder or in a glass container we share with others in the bathroom, the thought of germs never entered our minds.

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Funny Clip:

Thanks Rashisha


Rashisha said...

You need to watch this...

Amos2526 said...


your blog is feel good


Hasan.B said...

Eg3ad ya om streptococus, bedait ashik inich dektora:P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, think of all the shit micro particles that we breathe in when we flush the toilet.

His Sweetheart said...

Glad I don't put my tooth brush inside the bathroom yet, it's stored in a closed place lol

Grey said...

I have not changed my brush in last 6 months :P ... i know, i know dont say it :P

Web Weaver said...

Awwwwwww! Ansam! ana broo7i feeni elweswas el5anas!!! I think it will be too extrem of me to use a new brush every day ;p I'll be committed to an asylum :p

Ansam said...

LOL Thanks... I find her very funny and I always watch her videos
I added the video to the post. Thanks


LOL aham shay :-P Tara asadig 3omry

Always put the toilet seat down and the cover as well while flushing dude X-P

His Sweetheart-
LOL how come?

I change it like every month or so hehehehe

Web Weaver-
Its a good thing to know..... I guess :-S

eshda3wa said...


ud be surprised at the amount of bacteria in most peoples kitchens too..


just change ur toothbrush regularly

Ansam said...

Yeah, exactly... not like our friend Grey here :-S

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