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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have so many chocolates in hand... they just came in from Switzerland :-D
I asked my friend to get me Noir au Thé Earl Grey from Favarger 1826. She was kind enough to get me more yummy spicy stuff too ;-) She knows I love the Lindt with Sea Salt and with Chili.. the bar ones (I cant have spicy food, but with chocolate, it is something else! I swear).. so now I have in addition to what I initially asked for Lindt HOT PRALINES and Lindt MINI PRALINES all in a box, not as in choco bars.

I tried all the chili flavored ones... my throat is tickling as I am typing this! But I love it... does that make any sense?

Anyways... the HOT PRALINES box comes with three flavors, Papaya & Chili + Granatapfel (Pomegranate) & Chili + Maracuja (Passion Fruit) & Jalapeño. Holding the box in my hand I thought to myself.... hmmm I may like the pomegranate ones... surprisingly I loved the papaya the most!!! But all in all... all three flavors were awesome... keeping in mind that I do not like chocolates with fruity filling... I am telling you, its the spiciness thats doing the magic here!

Level of spiciness... I would say the papaya was the spiciest and the passion fruit was the mildest! How do I explain that mixture of strong fruity flavor, dark coco, and chili! OH SO GOD!


Hasan.B said...

Noir au Thé Earl Grey from Favarger 1826. Talk about a long name!!

Ahmed Al Musallam said...

Invite me to your house... and thayfeeni eb all the things you put in those pictures cause..

It's a sin to make someone this hungry! first the middle eastern dishes, now THIS!

Elegant Chic said...

Yummmmmyyyyyyyy is all that I can say!

Miss-Informed said...

*bites lip*

Baaaaaaad ansam!!!! baaaaaaad chocolate!!! *stomach growl*

New Bride said...

waaaaay ansaaaam i will kill u :) ambeeh eshaweg bl3afeya

Ruby Woo said...

What's not to love?

dark chocolate.. yum
fruits.. yum
chilli.. yum

mix them all together and it'll be yummier!

Grey said...

i see my name ! i see my name ... who's Earl btw???

How spicy ? Indian Spicey?

Ansam said...

I actually told her the dark coco with earl grey hehehe. Its for my readers to know so they can check it online doc ;-)

Ahmed Al Musallam-
Hahahaha you can enjoy it virtually only :-P To be honest... I feel evil now Mowahahahahaha

Elegant Chic-
Yummy very yummy

Mowahahahahahaha *evil me*

New Bride-
hahahaha its really good... last gathering I let the girls try the one with sea salt also

Ruby Woo-
Hahaha good point

Different kinda spicy I guess heheheh

His Sweetheart said...


Ansam said...

His Sweetheart-
Its from Switzerland :-)

FourMe said...

that looks yummy!

1001Nights said...

hanee oo 3afia :) But I just don't get the spicy chocolate thing. It doesn't do it for me.

Scorpion said...

nothing better than cadbury and flake !!!

FAH-Buzberry said...

the green one is the best!~~ Ask me;P

Ansam said...


Alla ye3afeeeech :-D you have to try it to know what I mean.. and this is coming from someone who cant handle spicy food LOL

Ya raj3i

I bet you love its colors as much as the taste... matches your blog too hehehe

Daddy's Girl said...

Heheh 3leech bel 3afiya :D

I love the spicy choc thing... ako a place in Dubai a famous chocolatier whose name doesnt come to me now... you try the hot choco the way it was in the old times, three little pots, three little flavours, o you drink them happily.. one of them was with chili...

my fav. combination how ever is the salt and sweet... have you tried the salted caramel truffle by la artisan du chocolate??? hmmmmmm yummmmmm

Ansam said...

Daddy's Girl-
Alla ye3afeech.. I always love your comments hehehe you got many things to say, many interesting things I must say!
Now you have to remember and the email me the name of that chocolatier!! I so wanna try it..
I have tried Lindt with Sea Salt and posted a pic in Kuwait & Food group on Facebook, I love it
I want salted caramel truffle :-(

Anonymous said...

Bel3afya :)
dizzi li kartoon wa7id bss ;D

Daddy's Girl said...

Hon ma adry 6l3lich my comment or not?

anyways insha2 allah i email you tonight with the name of the chocolatier o the pic of the three choco pots :D

Ansam said...

Hanan Sweetypie-
Alla ye3afeech... Can I do that virtually? :-P

Daddy's Girl-
I will be waiting for your email ;-)

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