"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One of The Chicks is Dieing :'-(

One of the chicks seems sick and is not gonna make it till tomorrow :'-(

Chick died :-(


Miss-Informed said...

Ducks, chicks & fish die very quickly. They don't make good pets in my opinion unless you're the type of person that doesn't get very emotionally attached to them.

Dandoon said...

miss-informed, i beg to differ, chicks make great pets! it depends where you get them from, though. malot soog ilyim3a imootoon bsir3a because of how they've been treated. god knows what sorts of chemicals they've been exposed to! have you seen the videos of how they paint the chicks? and people wonder why they die within a week of purchasing them! but if you get them from a farmer, for example, you'll see the difference!!

btw, ansam, how cute do they look wuhma iytimashon together?! zoqa! hope the chook makes it:(

Big Pearls said...

that is so sad:/

Daddy's Girl said...

aham shay inhom ga3deen yetmashoon free bel bait?!

min sejkom?!?!?1? lo ana chan ma ag3d degega wa7daa!!!!

im sorry he/she is dying but tra yekhawef :S

what do u do to is when he dies? garbage? garden?! *Shudder*

Shelsalfa? chinna wayed o3jebtay ib il falooda? Did u cross over to the falooda lovers leauge?

madry laish ma a7eb il falooda. I do like il bastani though but still mo something i would go ga ga over...

Scorpion said...

eat it b4 latmoot !

Rashisha said...

Awwww Im sorrrry Ansam :(

Web Weaver said...

My condolences Ansam!

I hate buying vulnerable pets, like chicks, which I know won't last a week. It just breaks my heart.
I have two pups, the little one was in a bad condition when I bought him. The way he was treated was awful, I really thought he wouldn't last for very long and I only bought him because I didn't want him to die in horrific conditions. But here he is now prancing around like the king of the world!!

Scorpion said...

3atham alah ajerkom wesalni khabat wafata :/

Fatima said...

...uuuh must be lonely for the other one now :( wa3laiia
get another one ebserrr3a so it wont notice :D

Ansam said...

The other chick was kind of getting lethargic so my sis took'em to the vet earlier... hes doing better!
Too bad I did not make it to the chickette cuz she died knowing my intentions *muchboos*

Yeah they should have given us something... vitamin boost, medicine! You know!!
Yeah we used to take them for walks daily hehehe

Big Pearls-
I know :-(

Daddy's Girl-
LOL lo entay 3indina chan khalet-hom yel7igoonich
Our boy burried it somewhere I think! I do not want to even think he tossed it in the garbage :-S
LOL I guess so... I am loving the faloodeh. I will have to try the bastani and tell you ;-)

Maat :-(

Me too :-(

Web Weaver-
Thanks.. we took the other one to the vet to check... he was getting sick too

Ajerna wajrek! Min gallik?

Should we?

eshda3wa said...

3atham allah ajrech

Ansam said...

Ajerna wajrech.. the other one was getting sick too so we took him to the doctor and now hes doing better :-)

Anonymous said...

7raam :( Maskeena

Anonymous said...

heheh cute , i know im not supposed to giggle , but chicks crack me up for some reason, allah yer7amha wiqamed roo7ha el janna enshala, ena lilah wa ina elayhi raje3on.

Ansam said...

Hanan Sweetypie-

You meanie :-P
Amen... The other one got sick and we took it to the doctor, and now is doing better... I hope the second one make it to my muchboos :-P

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