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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Whats in Your Makeup Bag!

My friend was chatting with me online....

Friend: Whats in your makeup bag?
Ansam: Makeup!
Friend: Duhhh! I know... whats in it?
Ansam: As in items?
Friend: YES!
Ansam: Hmmm let me see.... some eyepencil, blusher, spray.......
Friend: No like each item, and where you got it from!? IN DETAILS
Ansam: YSL pencil... MAC lipstick....
Friend: No NO! In DETAILS! As in name and numbers on each!
Ansam: FINE! YSL black pencil & mascara, MAC lip glass in Song & Dance... and hmm Shiseido lip gloss in Chianti Rose... MAC lip stick in Touch... NARS blush in ZEN... Magic Dust eyeshadaw from MAC...... and hmmm should I carry on?
Friend: Yeah!?
Ansam: hmmm fine.... Bare Escentuals i.d. in Desire, Kevin Aucoin skin enhancer, essie nailpolish in plumberry, and Evian water spray. Thats all.
Friend: Do you carry those items all the time?
Ansam: Some.. I usually have other stuff, it just depends on the size of my bag and the place I am heading to!!
Friend: Now take a picture
Ansam: Why?
Friend: Please????
Ansam: Fine *clicks*.... Done, and?
Friend: Create a tag and tag your friends..
Ansam: ARE YOU FOR REAL???????????
Friend: Please... I am curious to know what girls carry in their makeup bags??? Please please please????
Ansam: Arghhhhhh! Sure!!!
Friend: THANKS :-D
Ansam: Uh huh!!

Now I am at work.... and I dont have my makeup bag with me :-S Thanks to my friend who made me take it out :-P

So I tag Chika, Eshda3wa, Fastidious Babe, New Bride, Zaboo6a, and Yara (+ whoever wants to do this tag).... Go ahead, look into your makeup bag and tell us whats in it..... and click a pic.


chikapappi said...

My bag etfash.shel ;p I will do it :)

Fastidious Babe said...

will do.. love nars' blushes!x

Fastidious Babe said...

blushers* lol

Anonymous said...

NoSSa : the real question is What in your purse !!

huge purse almost a hand bag ful lwith nothing ! 6aaaab leash !!

Ansam said...

Cool... I just checked it

Fastidious Babe-
Me toooooo

My purse is another issue. I have my wallet, lotion, sanitizer, gum, brush, pen(s), phone, perfume, business card holder, tissues, keys, some emergency kit (with band air, shouts...etc) Moleskine...

but as I said... the contents changes depending on the size of my bag and my destination :-P

Ansam said...

Did I say I also carry one of those Harrod's bags with some snacks and the things I mentioned above if they dont fit into my actual purse/bag!

But believe me... I can go out with just my car keys and wallet... or all of (or some of) the above.. Je suis flexible :-P

Bashar said...

That's kinda racist. How about what gadgets you have on you. Sometimes it goes something like this

Flash memory

Used to hang iPod and HTC on both sides of belt. Looked like armed gunman so I stopped doing it :P

Once my inlaw warned me to hide the Eee PC and leave. Told'm I dont wear dishdasha to put it in. Only thing is he fired back "WELL YOU COULD HANG IT ON YOUR BELT!"

That was a knockout for me :P

Anonymous said...

girls girls girls!!!!!!

Ansam said...

LOL I like the way you handled it :-)

The title says it all!

Jora! said...

That’s fun!

Armani Eye kohl - Brown
Bobby brown stick foundation -Honey
3 MAC eye shadows
Mac blusher – Sunburn
Mac lipstick – Hot Gossip
Mac lip linear – Plum
Sephora lip gloss -15
Travel size brushes
YSL Mascara , the one with Caster oil :P

My things are always on the go with me in case I need them!

Ansam said...


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