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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pete Wentz: "I've Tasted" Ashlee's Breast Milk

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

TMI Alert, Take 2!

Following up on his raunchy December 16 interview with Howard Stern, Pete Wentz revealed that wife Ashlee Simpson's breast milk tastes "soury" and "weird" on SIRIUS' The Morning Mash Up! on Monday.

The Fall Out Boy bassist, 29, may not be a fan, but Ashlee and Pete's newborn Bronx Mowgli is: "The baby loves it, it’s the only thing he’s had a chance to have."

Wentz went on to reveal that Ashlee isn't the only Wentz to put on some pregnancy weight: "I gained 10 pounds at least. I usually hang out around 135, 134, I go up to about 140, and when I hit 148, I get fat face."

He added, "I’m working out a little bit, trying…I mean last night I decided to eat Virgil’s [BBQ] at midnight which is never a good idea…I’m feeling that a little bit today. For the most part, we’re going on walks – that kind of stuff. I think it comes off easier for her because she gets to breast feed and I don’t have the luxury of doing that."



Grey said...

she married an absolute idiot ..

Anonymous said...

I second grey!

Purgatory said...


Ansam said...

She did! hehehe

Me tooo

I hear you!

jooj said...

looool shhal ahbal!! y3nee nothing remotely logical came out of his mouth during the entire interview!

Ansam said...

Which goes back to why Grey said she married an "absolute idiot" + me and Amu agreeing to it :-D

:::ShoSho::: said...

weee3 looooool

miss-informed said...

wai3, araf ya2rifa.

Aurous said...

weeeeeee3!!! @@

ma 3enda salfa

This Lady said...

doesn't that technically "bil Islam" make him her son too?

Anonymous said...

This Lady- GREAT POINT! wasnt there this fatwa a couple of years ago saying something about it being allowed for a male co-worker to breast feed off his female colleague so that they can be in the same elevator or something without the shay6an being their chaparon or something? maybe someone can clarify...

Ansam said...


Just like Grey said... absolute idiot!

I know!!!

This Lady & Anonymous-
I am not gonna even go there :-P

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