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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Argan Oil

I first tried Argan Oil at a friend's house.... and then bought my first bottle from an organic food supplier and been enjoying the "aroma" and taste. I have been advertising it like crazy telling my friends and family that they have to try it and buy it and God knows what! *I am sorry*

OK, so my coworker is Moroccan and I asked him about it and he had this sweet smile on his face... I was like "What?" and he answered "Do you know how it is prepared?" and he kinda explained it to me... I could not wait to go back home and throw the bottle away.. I also HAD to check it online and guess what!! He was RIGHT!

I feel sick... (click here to know how its prepared). I only read the traditional method and my stomach was acting funny on me.. I did not proceed! So please peeps.... tell me, are there any differences in the preparation methods mentioned?

*Barf *


bashar said...

How did you get the courage to write about it?

DAMN! Peww...

Dalal said...

A Tunisian lady once told me that it helps with fertility problems for all u ladies trying to get pregnant out there:P I've never tried it, but I'm sure there are more advanced ways of extracting argan oil now..btw Ansam, where can is it sold in Kuwait? How can I get it? Seems to be the perfect cure for all diseases - no matter how it's been made!

Zeecu said...

Passes undigested among goat feces? Very cool. Reminds me of these two:

Monkey Picked Tea, where only the professionally trained monkeys go and climb mountains or something to pick this tea. Or my favourite: Weasel Coffee. I'll leave you to read the Wikipedia page to learn how weasels make coffee lol

Jewaira said...

Nothing yucky about that ;-) 3adi

It has lots of nutrients and is very beneficial...so what if the kernel is passed undigested by goats? :-)

Bashar said...

Dalal: LOL. She's crazy mad about it and here you are asking for it :)

That should cheer her up

Fadi F. Hawwa said...

Hahahahaha knowledge is power Ansam =)

Fastidious Babe said...

ew! damn! we should google everything before trying it out!

3anooda said...

seriously u would be fussy about it?? ask ur moroccan friend about AMLU - some sweet nutty spread thing based on argan oil. its YUMMYYYYYYY

eshda3wa said...


maybe now with all that technology its not prepared like that anymore

maybe ?

Ansam said...

Courage! It happened ba3ad shasawi hehehe

Organic stores :-S
Still *Barf*

I knew about the coffee one...:-S

noo it is yucky :-S

Fadi F. Hawwa-
what are you implying? :-P

Fastidious Babe-
My sisters call me Ansoogle for googling things and I missed THAT!

Will do... same method?

Maybe! :-S

Anonymous said...

LOL Ansam - if you had kept reading, you would have discovered now they do it differently . . .

Ansam said...

I just did.. and its not really stating that its done differently.... does it?

Nada said...

Hi Ansam,
Im Moroccan and I came across ur post about Argan oil by accident and it brought a smile :D.Ill try my best with my broken English to explain to u how we prepare the famous argan oil ;).
First try to imagine with me that Argan is like almond it has the outside green coat the hull then inside there is a hard shell that contains the fruit/seed from where we extract this precious oil :).The outside hull is really hard and to get rid of it we use goats, they eat it and leave the fuit inside the shell.So the seed is well protected :).Its really amazing how goats eat only that outside layer without touching the rest.Goats and Argan r really good friends there is even studies that says that if we try to plants Argan somewhere else with the same climate,ground etc...if there is no goats it wont live...!amazing right ?!
well now that we have our well protected seed, its the turn of the workers to collect it.Either they sell it to cooperatives that will continue the process of extraction in a modern way or they take it home where it will be extracted in a traditional way.
The diffirence between the 2 methods is that in the first they use machines to grind the seed(after getting rid of the shell) while in the second they use what we call in Moroccan "r7a" that is used to grind not only argan but also wheat,barley etc. a link to show u what is "r7a" http://blufiles.storage.msn.com/y1pdrzGj24k_lJPpvEapQyGLL7QOXYg5Zh9oeViQ6KHa3HhsU-Z1A7CyB0Nl2adhoTGUh0Mf4UBK68
I hope I clarrified things a little bit :) and the most important thing hope ull keep using Argan oil cause its really great for preparing succulent dishes and for cosmetics too ;).

Ansam said...

WOW Thanks :-) I appreciate you taking the time to write me all of this :-)

Nada said...

ur welcome :)
my pleasure

Hi Maintenance said...

tawni adrii you can eat it lol i thought it was just for cosmetic purposes! and I dont mind how its made as long as its good! :P 7ata bol b3eer i want to try for my hair hahaha NOT DRINK!!!

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