"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


In my new job, I work with interesting people (good interesting that is)... they are different than the crowd I had in my previous job (and I miss you guys there a lot). One of the windows of our floor overlooks the building I used to work in and sometimes I tell my ex-coworkers to go by the window, and I count the floors to try hard and see them LOL... well anyways, back to my current job. An interesting and kinda weird conversation took place earlier today between me and a coworker....

OK so hes M... a junior, young (younger than moi), and always ready to help in brainstorming and is full of energy -mashalla-.... despite all of that he left me puzzled to the point where I am still thinking about what happened!

A: Check this Queen Rania's video... its awesome. I will email it to you all
After a while
M: Oh how sweet she is... I remember her from school :-)
A: You remember who? -puzzled-
M: Queen Rania
A: hahaha you are not serious, are you?
M: Yeah I am! She was with me in NES!
A: Do you know how old she is?
M: Yeah she was a senior while I was in middle school or soLink
A: No no really M! I am older than you right? How many years difference?
M: I dont know! I am bad in maths!!
A: Obviously! Come on... She is older than I am so there is no humanely way possible that she was with you in school. Maybe you went to the same school but shes older.. .MUCH older to be there in the same time you went to the school -I check Wikipedia, she was born in 1970-
M: OK.. maybe I was in KG not middle school!!
A: NO WAY! M!! Come on! Shes from different generation! You were born in 1986, she was born in 1970... when you were born she was 16... which means she was almost graduating from NES!!
M: Yeah! So? It means I just joined the school when she was in highschool!!
A: You went to school as a newborn? You dont make any sense?! -PUZZLED-
M: Maybe she did more after school studying I have her in the year book of 1994!
A: IN 1994!!! She would be 24! How many years did she fail for you to have her in your year book!

Problem is he was still going at it!!!

I gave up!


Zeecu said...

either yesta3be6, or he's delusional, or has mental issues, or yesta3be6.

I vote for yesta3be6.

Hasan.B said...

Maybe he can see and communicate through his placenta?!

Cloudy Stars said...

uff 7adah yenarfiz;/

Anonymous said...

wedda ysolef il'6aher w he didnt expect enna yen9aad :p

Organic Kuwait said...

looooooooooooooooooooooooool hahahahahaha el meshkela i knowa guy chetheee bel thab66666666666 hehehehe hahahaha hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa i want to tell u how similar they r bas i cant hahahaha i cant stop laughing

Shwaish said...

hehehehehhee okay i know he's maybe quiete possibly fibbing, but cuta he is bad with math

Nemo said...

ya7lailah lol

Purgatory said...

You old ;p

Ansam said...

I think he wasnt serious! He cant be serious although he looked VERY serious :-S

No idea!! You think? Walla kil shay jayez!

Cloudy Stars-
Ana akhaf yegra el post o yefhamni ghala6 LOL bes sij sij he left me puzzled

LOL good one

Organic Kuwait-
You will tell me all about it later LOL

I know LOL
He was serious I swear!
A girl at work even backed him up! It got me even more puzzled lol

miss-informed said...

lol It would be fun if you ask him to get you the yearbook! Maybe she's there to pick up her kids at the time hehe.

Delly said...

let him bring that yearbook he's talking about!

Yara said...

tell him to show you the yearbook ;)

3anooda said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL some people just love showing off - even for things that are very obviously bullshit. LOOOL

Ansam said...

I am sure he mixed it (his memory?) with fact that she came back to her school to give a speech
I then begin to wonder... maybe he was kidding! But I dont think he was!!

Delly & Yara-
Nah! I am not gonna bring back that subject LOL

I dont know why he did it though cuz I dont think hes that kinda person!

Anonymous said...

i born 1984 went to NES never met her never saw her :D

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