"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Police!

I was driving to Taiba Clinic with my sister and two cops were doing their random checks.. he stopped me, and I had my driver's license ready for him

Cop: la7tha la7tha hehehe gabl ma ta36eeni el leesan... entay kentay rab6a 7zaamich wela shifteeni o khiftay o reba6teeh hehehe (hehehe were you wearing your seatbelt the whole time or did you just put it on when you saw me? hehehe)
Ansam: La kent labseta wila chan fih alarm (No I was wearing it before I saw you, otherwise the alarm would've been on!)
Cop: el alarm ye7en wela ye6en? hehehe (what sound does the alarm make?)
Ansam: na3am? (excuse me?)
Cop: shfeeki khayfa yalla etfathelay hehehehe ma3a essalama (why are you nervouse... go ahead hehehe bye)



miss-informed said...

Some cops are creepy :/

Anonymous said...

Stupid!! I qiah you have thrown him a few words!

Shwaish said...

lol dumbass trying to be funny ma3alaih ista7mileehum i think they just dnt have enough to do, my cop friend, everytime i call him, he is ib madre wain yil3ab hend, nifsi mara iygooli chasing after an asswhipe who just did something, anything

Anonymous said...

@$$ H_ _ _ _ _!!!! hate them!

Ansam said...

He was trying to be funny and cool ughhhh he failed!

I am assuming qiah = wish? In that case... I am glad I didnt! Hes not worth even that at all LOL

Yeah I guess nothing better to do!


Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with our cops these last few years ?!

Ansam said...

I have no clue!!

MeeMzZ said...

aham shay what the hell is wrong with him!!;p

The Criticizer said...

They tend to be funny when they try to get out of boredom or break the routine and most times they suck at it. But then again a boring/lame cop is a million times better than a stubborn one.

Anonymous said...

I remember the last time I got stopped in a police check point. i was with my friend, the cop asked the same question to my friend.. was he flirting with him too :P
maybe kil shay y9er eb haldinya :D

bas i guess they like to ask random questions about seat belts.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Zamahreer

Zaina said...

haw hatha minsijaaa ????
so weird!!

the other day kint radda min ilshalaih, a p.o stopped me.. he asked the usual questions.. 3ugob ma3a6anii il daftar wil laisan, chan yes'alniii :
"wain tajamo3 ilbanat??" ibthimitik! hathaa su'aaal????

Neoark said...

cops never stop me


understood? >.>

Anonymous said...

9ij shir6atna darabeel!

New Bride said...

wooow ya3nee ana cute o dame khafeef

ZuZu said...

daymn ysawoon tafteesh 3ala hal eshara :@ akrahom

Cloudy Stars said...


kilish he's not funny lw ana menich chan i gave him the glare, bil 6agag mokhalafa inshallah ye7e6ni ib na'6ara i don't care ;p


FourMe said...

we3 ya thigil 6eenta!

Ansam said...

He's mentally disturbed!

The Criticizer-
but thats also breaking the law you know!

He was laughing in between and the tone in his voice wasnt comforting :-S He could've asked men gheir that tone


He is very weird indeed
Whats wrong with them!?

LOL got it :-P

LOL meaning? hehehehe

New Bride-
I know ughhh

I dont mind the random checks as long as they place respectful cops!

Cloudy Stars-
Not funny at all!
My sister said I should have not responded to any of his stupid questions!


Anonymous said...

What was that all about!

Ansam said...

its all about being silly and unprofessional

Bashar said...

He didn't want to inspect you. He wanted to talk to you, so obvious, so typical. Friend of mine once blew his horn on them, when the cop came he said, "Brother, we're both youth and you know, we're all here all this night and need to entertain, you know we need to take just a bit on some women"

He said it literally, and apologized to my friend!

Ansam said...

That sucks! Shame on them!

3anooda said...

what a freak

Ansam said...

I know :-S

Organic Kuwait said...

people should start reporting these .. el meshkela marra sar weyay chethee rayli sawwa weyay ta7qeeq hatha thaabe6 wella madree shino enzain ma sheftay madree shino .. ana eshdarrani thaabe6 wella i forgot the other word .. o ma ra7 antebeh 3ala el name eb hal mawqef o ma ra7 antebeh 3ala raqam madre shino abee akhalles o aftak o amshee !

Anonymous said...

I am sure I wrote "wish"!!

Where on Earth did that word qiah come from!! LOL

Glad you got it smarty ;D

Ansam said...

Organic Kuwait-
I know my sister was like I wish you read his name and just ignored all his silly remarks! He should only ask for the documents and ask politely without laughing questions related to driving and road safety!

LOL I got it cuz Q is next to W and A is next to S on the keyboard :-P

Fatima said...

late reply...but we call them darabeeel 3la the color of their uniform o their skinny figures :P

Ansam said...

oh ok hehehhe good one
never heard it before ;-)

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