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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Call

I did it! I called Dar Al-Sharg people :-) It was all with good intentions! I swear...

Since we, at fIVE60, were getting many inquiries about Dar Al-Sharg.. if they were part of us, or another branch... or why do we have the same "exact" idea... I decided to give them a call and see whats its all about.

I called the number listed on their group and got to talk to this very nice young man. Apparently, they have been getting similar questions as well!

It started off this way...

He told me that they share the same concept and that its not so unusual for two businesses with the same concept to be similar somehow. I explained to him that it was not just similar.... it was mirrored!! ALMOST exactly the same info and intro! I also offered to sit with them (my team and theirs) and find a common ground where people wont confuse the two ideas.

I also told him the market is open for everyone to come up with whatever they can offer... And that we knew, when we started that new idea/concept in Kuwait, a lot of similar businesses will surface, but stealing an identity will just hurt their image, and copy/paste is just a bad start... and that they should do something with the English used and all.

He was all ears and very easy to speak to. He also offered to help in anyway possible... which I find really cool! He said they are working on changing it already. So lets see how it goes from here!

I hope they change their last line -the "We are on TOP" or so- (check the pic in my previous post) not because its gonna affect us at FIVE60... but because its just a bad defense mechanism!


Fatima said...

thats great! calling them was a good move (Y)

F. said...

I haven't heard of Dar-AlSharg...

But yeah, it's good that you guys are communicating to find some common ground.

Anonymous said...

Zaain sawaaitay ;p

eshda3wa said...

wala its good u took that step ..

lets see eshbesawoon

Ansam said...

I thought it would be nice to do so... and I did it :-)

Me too... but people started to call us to inquire if they were part of us and thats how I came to know about them :-)
I hope we DO find a common ground!


I am glad I did :-) And I wam waiting

Jewaira said...

What an interesting turn of events :-)
dealt with in a positive manner I must say

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) I try. And plus, I dont see them as threatening or as a problem ;-) you know!

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