"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Eid was quiet... most of the family are abroad or in their farm/chalet...etc. I did not do much.... just the usual rounds for whoever is in town with my parents. I kept thinking I should have traveled :-S Its one helluva long break! :-(

Whats up with Yahoo! Group random subscriptions! I will receive welcome email messages to random Yahoo! Groups when I did not even requested or subscribed to it! Ughhhhh! I may have blogged about it before but it is still going on and is driving me crazy! First you receive a welcome message then few (or more than few) email messages from members flooding your inbox... you look for the "unsubscribe me" email contact, you send them an email to unsubscribe, then they send you a request to confirm that you want to unsubscribe... and you reply to that ughhhhhhhh! How do I got to be in the group to begin with!? Do people randomly add you? Dont you have to go through confirming subscription? Whats the deal here?

I need to go to a spa badly! I will see if there are any available appointments :-S

Facebook! Yes, I have some 50 pending friend requests... I go through them between time to time to see which ones are from people I actually know to accept. My facebook contacts are all people I know or deal with... nothing wrong with that.... eh? Some request I leave pending because whenever I reject they try again! No hard feeling, but I cant accept you and give you access to my personal data/pics! Some would send me hate messages for not accepting LOL

I am craving hot coco most of the time because of this weather... isnt it amazing? I think I will fix me one at home tonight and sit out in the terrace listening to "Samry" music... which I have been listening to last night and this morning. I love it :-)

Ohhhh and I met a blogger's mother in my cousin's wedding. She is so so sweet :-) I usually ran into other bloggers but not this time....

I am planning something out and I have sent few bloggers (females) an email about it... not all of them got back to me. Can you all please check your email messages? Just in case you are one of those girls I sent an email to??? :-P


Zaina said...

on Facebook. Don't get me started... way la3at chabdiii min ppl just adding for no reason! I don't even know u! so y r u adding me?? and when I ask if they know me or sumthing, they're like " mayseer inseer friends?".. GOD!!!

I'm soo craving hot chocolate;p sij mal hal weather..

oh, about the yahoo emails.. sarli chthii gabul cham month. dazaitlihum an email complaining;p they ingnored me, bas ra7 i6ikhoun ba3ad cham week so don't worry ;p or filter ur emails?;p 3ashan seedaa iru7on il junk?;p

Anonymous said...

Facebook sucks, I hate it ... you delete the requests then they find you again, I don't get friend requests anymore, my facebook is hidden I can't be found in searches, only if people know my email.. better this way I guess..

as for the yahoo, yeah im getting these too from kuwaiti groups, they send me pics and crap.. i tried UNSUBSCRIBING I ended up getting even more emails. :(

Purgatory said...

Did you email Tooomz?


People's Front for Tooomz

His Sweetheart said...


I do get these effing irritating emails as well!!

FB is the same story as well. Just ignore sweetheart

Happy belated Eid :)

Anonymous said...

Mbarkan 3eedch and yeah this Eid is quite boring.Ohh, Hahaha! I'm facing the very same problem in FB.

Ansam said...

LOL some are there to make friends randomly I guess. I dont have a problem with them trying it once... but when they keep on doing it and sending messages, that what really irritates me!
And I just unsubscribe immediately to yahoo! groups when I am added

I dont hate FB... I hate FB abusers LOL

shino enta el spokesperson malha?

His Sweetheart-
LOL... I am trying
And happy Eid to you too :-D

Chinese Eyes-
I guess we should keep on ignoring them... dont we?

Purgatory said...

Someone to stand for the Tooomz people of the world.

eshda3wa said...

ana i got back

yallah na6raa


Ansam said...

You are not getting between me and Toomz! OK?

Inshalla will let you know lamma yeridoon 3alay el baji :-) entay ras mal el 3azima aslan :-*

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