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Friday, December 12, 2008

Kuwaiti Google

I am not liking البحث في ويب AND البحث في الصفحات العربية


Anonymous said...

me too im not liking it .. AT ALL! ohwa laish men kaifa taghayar?

Miss-Informed said...

Oh God it looks awful. Arabic calligraphy usually looks nice. This looks weird and somewhat haunting! lol Don't you think?

Ansam said...

I have no clue hehehe

No no it would show in English I just wanted to use an Arabic version of Google (I searched it online) to make it different than other posts on other blogs LOL

Ruby Woo said...

the arabic version looks ugly.

I tried it, didn't like it, so I got back to the old google!

Zeecu said...

it detects where you're connected from and redirects you to the localized version of google. We didn't see this before because there was no localized version for Kuwait, they just launched it :D

You can easily change ur preferences to english if you desire.

Anonymous: the frog cupcake looks absolutely AWESOME.

Cloudy Stars said...

OMG! ma shift this pic yet!

bs in9edamt that day when i entered google (its my default browser)

wela maktoob: il ne6aaq http://www.google.com.KW

i was like, "KW"!! WTH!!

ma9adeg :(

al7een laykon 7eta il search results '3air 3an google il US b3ad?? laaa may9eeer AHH

Bashar said...

It seems most people don't :)

But I noticed English searches are very identical to Google.com one.

Ansam said...

Ruby Woo-
Yeah seems like a lot of people agree on this!

Yeah :-) LOL someone is craving cupcakes :-P

Cloudy Stars-
No the pic I searched for hehehe it doesnt pop up like this :-P

Yeah I noticed.

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