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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crostini - Again :-)

Today I passed by Crostini again for dinner. I really wanted to have the same order from last time, Spaghetti Bolognese, but resisted and decided to try out something new... I tried their mini burgers this time.
Again we were treated nicely by their very friendly staff, the owner Mr Khaled Al Gharablly came to greet us warmly as usual and checked if we needed anything.

For starters we ordered Three Amigoes. OK! We cheated... since we did order that same dish last time, but come on! ITS REALLY GOOD that it was gone in less than a minute... or two!!! My friend ordered Crostini Club Sandwich and I ordered mini burgers, the American Dream. My order came in and it was three medium sized burgers (not really mini! Yumm!) hehehe. It was different, the beef patties tasted home style. They were juicy and very filling, but I honesly like my spaghetti bolognese from last time much more!

They were nice enough to offer us complimentary dessert.. dark chocolate fondue with assorted fruit and cake... and I got carried away a bit in the end and started showing off my artistic style AGAIN by writing my name with chocolate.

If you would like to see some pictures of my first visit to Crostini, click here.

Crostini is located opposite Al Seif Palace, tel : 247-24606

And yes Hasan B. I do like this area and the restaurants there :-D


Big Pearls said...

tempting pics:)

Purgatory said...

Consider yourself lucky, I was going to go there but changed my mind later, otherwise you would have had another purgatorian experience.

eshda3wa said...


Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
Thanks :-)


Alla ye3afeech :-D

Feminist™ said...

shakla latheeeeeeeeeth ..

Ms. D said...

ana wala 5 marat ray7a hnak wala mara they offered complimentary dessert!!

la o ba6aw chabdy mara ray7a ba6leb o bakheth takeout ma rethaw!!! CHEAPOS! ma7ebhom! kither ma 7abet`hom karaht`hom! how lame is that! styrofoam aw qa9der PEOPLE!! COME ON!!!

sheeeeesh :@

Anonymous said...

Oh! Crostini! Oh, YUMMMMM. Lucky lucky YOU!

Ansam said...

It was ;-)

Ms. D-
I am doing business with them :-P THATS WHY! hehehehe

hehehe yummy yummy!

Anonymous said...


Disturbed Stranger said...

Looks good... But I think Riccardo is the best Italian!

Yara said...

Ansaaaaaaam 7aram 3alaich shawagteeni awal ma arja3 baroo7la :)

shahad said...

abaih zaq galby :| i luv the spaghetties 7ADA AM GOING

so its 3ala 9adrat burger hub and the rest ?

Ansam said...

Very yummy

Disturbed Stranger-
Well it all depends, are you looking for a healthy Italian or Fancy Italian or casual dine in! you know ;-)

Inshalla hehehe

Yes its there, next to Pink Moon

Oranjina fadidra said...

you sure love food passionately.. post here o picture fi kuwait and food etc

Vixen said...

hmmmmmm i never knew this place existed :D Seems nice!

Sharifah Al-Falah said...

I love food and I love people who love food :)

Mar8adoosh said...

yummmmyyy 3alaich bil 3afya ;D

Ansam said...

Oranjina fadidra-
LOL yep! its my passion alright

It is.. cozy, small, and home style cooked meals, healthy too!

Sharifah Al-Falah-
Thats why we are friends :-*

alla ye3afeek/ch :-)

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