"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sara & Rami Dilemma

Earlier in the day, I was sitting on my desk as I heard what seemed to
be a conversation between three of my co-workers… Eman, Sara, and
Janet. I did not really know what they were talking about, but sounded
like who's doing what in regards to house chores!

Janet, the lady full of wisdom

Eman, married for some years now

Sara… a newlywed ;-)

Apparently Sara started a very blameless conversation of how her and
Rami, her hubby, divide their house chores

Sara: He does the dishes, laundry, garbage, I do the cooking and house cleaning!

Eman: House cleaning as in dusting your dining table?

Sara: Yeah! That is pretty much cleaning!!!

Janet: You wont do his chores if he skips them??

Sara: Nop! I wont… he wont do cooking if I don't cook!!!

Then my manager, Omar, got into the conversation… then other
co-workers! It basically went from three people to seven in less than
10 minutes! I was on my desk laughing hysterically at their
conversation and expressions!

Sara would say the funniest things like "I wont do the dishes, I will
leave them in the sink because its his task and not mine, and when I
need to use them, I will clean only for myself.. like a plate and a
set of silverware for me only" or something like "He is fine with it,
he is enjoying it… he was doing all of these things before we got
married, so it's a plus that I am now cooking and cleaning"

As the day goes by… and around 2:50-3:00PM I pass by to see new
members added to the conversation. Sara was getting too defensive at
this point. So I decided to stick for this round since I missed the
first one, and I asked

Ansam: What if there are dishes piling up in your skin?

Sara: I wouldn't mind… I would rather discuss this with Rami as in
when is he gonna do the dishes, but I wont do it!

Ansam: And you will let the dishes/utensils pile up with no problem?

Sara: yeah!!!!

Then my manager pass by on his way to the pantry and asks: Are you
still discussing Rami/Sara issue?

Janet: Yes… Sara is the hot topic today!

Sara: We are FINE like this!!

Ansam: why don't you get a dishwasher??

Eman (from far away): SHE ALREADY HAVE ONE!!!!

Sara: Its just not my thing! It's Rami's!!!!!!!!

Janet: Talk to me in one year and see how things will turn around!
Like when he comes from work directly to the couch holding the remote
control and tuning in ESPN!!! What will happen then?

Sara: Then lets talk about it next year!

Daniel: Ansam, what side are you on?

Ansam: I am somewhere in between!

Daniel: No! you gotta make up your mind and be on one side

Ansam: Well… What if he's sick? Would you do his chores?

Sara: Yes, and he will do mine if I am sick

Ansam: Well OK then! I don't want to be on any side hehehe!

I walked back to my desk and never heard the rest of it, but I am sure
its gonna surface back up soon hehehehe

Poor Sara, under the spotlight!


Jewaira said...

Let her enjoy her temporary bliss I say

Anonymous said...

as a shareholder, and on behalf of other shareholders,...

get back to work dammit!


Ansam said...

LOL You know I took her permission to post about it?

LOL ok boss!

Grey said...

before we could hire maid , i did the dishes and my wife cooked .. those were the best days

Ansam said...

You only need mutual understanding I guess!

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