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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outi AKA Makwa AKA Iron

This conversation (between our driver –Egyptian- and maid –Sri Lankan-) YEARS ago
I don't know why it came to mind… but I cant stop laughing now

Hassan: Nina, eddini el makwa
(I want an iron)
Hassan: 3awiz makwa
(I need an iron)
Nina: enta shino yegool kalam chidi 3eeb!!! Mako e7teraam!
(What are you saying! How rude! I need some respect)
Hassan: allah! Ya bent iddini makwitik besor3a asl ana 3awiz albis wa6la3 besor3a
(God! You woman just give me an iron fast, I need to get ready to go out)
Nina: ana yegool 7ag mama!!!
(I will report you to my madam)

Nina: mama… hada Hassan ejee gool ana aby makwa!
(ma'am.. Hassan came to me and asked me for iron!)
Nina: mama lated7ikeen hada Hassan gool kalam mo zeen chidi
(ma'am dont laugh, Hassan is being rude)
Mom: la 3adi 3a6eeh makwa its ok
(no its ok, just give him an iron)
Nina: *starts crying* la mamaaa mayseeeeeeeeeeeeer
(no ma'am that is not possible)

And then my mom explained it to her… she thought it was a joke for the longest time ever! LOL

For non Arabic-speakers... Iron in Egyptian Dialect is called Makwa, and Makwa in Kuwaiti Dialect translates to ASS!


zwena said...


i couldnt stop laughing hahahahaha

i really needed to laugh thanks ;**


Purgatory said...

You should be ashamed for making fun of them, bad bad bad woman.

chika said...

she's not making fun of them! it happens! LOOOL! "eddini makwetik"!

Fa6ma said...

LOL so funny!! Mskeeena =D

Anonymous said...


Ansam said...

No problem hehehe

Yeah... uh huh! Sure!

Thanks for backing me up! GIRL POWER! hehehehe aywa ya sitti


Yep! Its super funny!

Amjad said...

if it wasn't for the last line, I wouldn't have got it myself, lol.

I never knew that Makwa in Kuwaiti is ASS :P

FourMe said...

hahahahaha Classic!

Grey said...

looool ! ROFLMAO !

Anonymous said...

Maskeena XD

Anonymous said...

looool oh my u cracked me up : p
bas 7aram i felt sorry for the maid when she started crying!

Enigma said...

looool.. 3ayal ma sheftay il egyptian da3aya on Rotana- "Ghasalaaa dakhelha makwa"


Ansam said...

LOL everyday you learn something new hehehehe
Today... a new word was added to your dictionary!

Very! hehehe


Yeah... specially when she thought we were still joking!


LOL no! I havent seen that one!

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