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Sunday, May 4, 2008


I was hanging with my friend at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf... It was nice and quiet, I almost dozed off on the couch when my friend suggested that we try the new Italian restaurant, Crostini, near by! In search of the best Spaghetti Bolognese, I said yes instantly!

Crostini is the the New Italian restaurant I mentioned in my previous post. I thought why not try this new place!

We were greeted at the entrance by a man who was standing outside (who turned out to be one of the owners of the restaurant). Basically, the restaurant is divided into three sections, the inside dine-in, the garden, and the terrace (which was under construction). I knew what I wanted to have, a spaghetti bolognese, my friend wanted a Pizza Margarita! It was the appetizers that we wanted to think about and we ended up picking two; Three Amigos and Parmesan Crostini (you gotta try something with that name eh?)... My friend asked for a diet coke, whereas I personalized my lemon with mint juice to include orange as well (I so needed vitamin C! LOL) and it was done with NO problem at all...

The appetizers arrived and they were so good, specially the Three Amigos! Just to give you an idea of what they were, the Parmesan Crostini looked like a crispy pizza with parmesan, olive oil, and oregano... The Three Amigos were five mini tortillas topped with Monterey Jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, and Guacamole. The spices used were about right, not too funny and too strong... and also fresh, smelled and tasted good!

Just before our main courses arrived, the owner approached us and asked if everything was OK, and it was. We had a quick chat with him.. turned out I have heard of him, Mr. Khaled Al Gharaballi, when I was studying in Colorado. He used to live there and owned a restaurant called Calvin's in Denver... our main courses arrived and so he decided to let us eat. I tell you, my spaghetti was so GOOD my friend had to dig in with me. Her pizza was good too, it had some cheddar cheese which gave it a twist too! I am usually picky with spaghetti bolognese, but that one was about right, it was so fresh, it smelled so good, and the sauce was thick enough to my taste (not too watery, not too dry)... I kept digging in and letting my friend too (if you know me, I usually dont approve of sharing, but I also wanted to try her pizza you know! :-P)

Mr. Al Gharaballi came back with his partner and answered few of my/our questions...

Why Italian!

There aren't that many Italian restaurants in Kuwait, the idea of opening an Italian restaurant was there, but it needed a lot of thought.. you need the right name and the right location! For me, I think they picked THE location to open an Italian restaurant :-) That area is awesome with all those shops/restaurants opening... next to the merchant market (where shay wa na3na3 is) and in front of the Seif Palace, and the friendly neighborhood (Slider Station, Burger Hub, Pink Moon Boutique...etc).... The terrace in the restaurant is a PLUS! I loved it and I cant wait till they open it... Yes, I got the privilege to take the tour ;-)

Also, Mr. Al Gharaballi also explained to us how they came up with the name "Crostini".

Crostinis are thin slices of crispy/crunchy bread with a variety of many toppings. The logo as you can see from the pic posted is a sliced Crostini with some missing slices to form the letter C! Its very Italian and very original!

I like the creativity in their name!

I love their location, and they are also working on their own parking area since its always packed there!

I felt the freshness of their ingredients and how lightly it was cooked! Nothing was too oily.. the pizza bread, and the crostini were crispy!

I will definitely go there again to try out new items on their menu!

I strongly recommend this place to all Italian-food-lovers in Kuwait :-D

Favoloso!! Squisito!!



Big Pearls said...

I am an Italian lover..I will try it.

Hamitaf La B. said...

oooooooooooh the food sounds AMAZING!! I AM HUNGRY!!

Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
Try it out and give me your feedback

It was :-) I am going again this week LOL

Ms. D said...

shaheteny :(

i wont leave work till 4 and already am planning to have dinner there :)

Ansam said...

Ms. D-
Did you end up going?

Anonymous said...

hi there

I wonder whats wrong with their telephone number!! i've been calling for a while now and no one answers my call!!!
any idea if the restaurant still available or not??

Ansam said...

Anon- I passed by and the restaurant no longer exists. Its been replaced by Wasabi. I will post a picture on my new blog

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