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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KiDneys/Liver Dilemma

I know that KiDneys and Liver are different organs! I know that there are two KiDneys and one Liver! I know that they translate (in Arabic) to KabD and kiLa or kiLa and KabD… or hmmm! Or is it the other way around!? The things is that last night I was having a conversation with dad and I told him kiLa (thinking I was talking about Liver) and he interrupts me: KabD!!! Don't you know the difference between the two??

I mean I am not the kind that will go like… oh my English is better than my Arabic. As a matter of fact I was really REALLY good in Arabic classes (excluding grammar) but still managed to get A's in almost -ALMOST- all tests! I also do read Arabic poetry (well more in the past). I still scan through the newspapers, Arabic ones, almost daily. My writing in Arabic deteriorated not because I don't know how to write in Arabic, because I hardly write in Arabic now.. or I mean for the last hmmmmm 13 years? That is a good reason…. Isn't it?

It just annoyed me so much that I mistakenly used kiLa instead of KabD… my reply to dad was: yeah! I mean Liver!!!

Have you noticed why did I capitalized some of the letters? (I ReaLLy DoN'T LiKe To WriTe THiS WaY!) its just because I wanted to give myself a reason… a room to make mistakes, honest mistakes

kiLa and Liver = share L

KiDney and KabD = share K & D

When I speak fast, like without trying to translate in my mind, I say it wrong… but when I do take a minute I will be like yeah, two kila = two kidneys!

Now that also brought another topic…. Dad doesn't like it if I do not express financial terms in Arabic correctly! Sometimes when you learn things… new things, you are most likely to remember them in the language you learned them from… Rights Issue, Bonus Shares, Purchasing Power Parity, GDP, EBIT, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet….. yada yada yada!!! I do really want to know those terms in Arabic.. especially when some companies will only publish them in Arabic… Do any of my readers knows where can I get a good financial dictionary? I am learning them from dad most of the time and hes been really good at it. He would explain them to me thoroughly, although I do know what them mean, but nevertheless… I do appreciate him taking the time to teach'em to me… and I admire him for that since he is self-taught. Yes! My dad is an engineer.


bored said...

interesting way to remember which is which ;p

and about the arabic financial terms, some companies publish financial statements in both arabic and english, so what u can do is read the arabic one and if u dont know what it is just flip to the english side, or attend a seminar or a workshop thats in arabic, at first u'll probably feel lost bs b3dain u'll start getting it

Ansam said...

heheheh and I still got them wrong :-P
Some companies in Saudi name things differently! its a headache! I will look into your tips thanks :-)
I once burst out laughing when I read "EBIT", "EBITDA", and "unusual items" in Arabic! I cant remember the terms used but it was hilarious!

Ruby Woo said...

I think there is something similar to what you want. My last summer job was in the finance/accounting department and my manager gave me some book that looks like a dictionary with all the terms in both languages. Not sure what it's called and how to get it!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog entry. What I love the most is that you and your Dad really talk, and really listen to one another. What a sweet relationship you have! Treasure it now!

Ansam said...

Ruby Woo-
do you have any idea of how I can get my hands on those books? :-S

Thanks... I love him so much

Grey said...

ok i can not relate to this topic, still , i have no clue which one is bugar and which one is karoof, whenever customers ask me about the leather jacket ,i embarass myself..

Ansam said...

LOL... too funny!

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