"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cloud Gate - Chicago

My manager was showing me this amazing piece of art -sculpture- in Chicago Millennium Park called Cloud Gate, nicknamed the Bean. It is inspired by mercury and made out of stainless steel. You can walk around and under it.

You can read about it more if you click here!

Enjoy the pics -from google's images-

You can also check the Jay Pritzker Pavillion centerpiece of the Millennium Park.

What great displays of public art :-)

OK this is funny, the video below will show towards the end Kefaya and Jenan's dance under the Jay Prtzker Pavillion.... NO comment LOL


Anonymous said...

lmfao! those two are hilarious!

KTDP said...

I could lie under that bean thing for a week and it still wouldn't get old ...

Ansam said...

LOL they are

I know! Its awesome! REAL modern art!

Fa6ma said...

WOW I love it =D Wanna go there and stand in the middle and look at it!
How would my reflection look like? =D

Anonymous said...

wow thats a nice cloud....I am going in August so might get to see it

Grey said...

wow ! nice bean ! didnt watch the vid ..later

Ansam said...

Me too

Take pictures and share :-P

Very nice

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