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Monday, July 14, 2008


The "Noor" craze is driving me crazy. I am sometimes forced to sit through it when we have friends over, so I would be surfing the net or do my nails... because I am enjoying the company, but not really into that show. Few nights back I was just sitting with friends and actually saw some clips of the show... its so damn slow, things that can be done in ONE episode of 24 is done in TWENTY-FOUR episode (if not more) in Noor! Its ridiculous! It got on my nerves... so I have only watched one WHOLE episode of the show, the one where Noor shot Whathisname several times, and he DID NOT DIE!!!! he was in a coma!

So last night, a friend came over and she was watching Noor with us. Given my previous history of mocking such shows and annoying the viewers -which I would hate to be in their shoes LOL- I started asking questions, stupid ones... not realizing how annoying or silly they were to my friend... Keep in mind that I used to mistake Noor for her sister in law (they kinda look alike to me!)

Ansam: So is that Mohanad's mom?
Farah: Yes (looking at me with a smile)
Ansam: But she just called Mohannad's grandpa "uncle"!!!!
Farah: Yeah he is his father's father... (still smiling but her eyes were looking directly at the TV screen)
Ansam: Oh I see

the show was still playing?

Ansam: Why are those two always in that same house? Are they related to them?
Farah: Noor brought them with her from the country... (almost a smile)
Ansam: For what?
Farah: They live with them and help them.... (this point she wasnt smiling)
Ansam: My God! How many people live in that same house? The whole extended family
Farah: *smile*

On another clip....

Ansam: Noor just said she is going to visit Noor???? HOW??
Farah: No its a baby girl named after her
Ansam: Ahhhh... ok!!! hmmm

Then another couples were talking

Ansam: Are they related to Noor/Mohannad?
Farah: Yeah they are cousins
Ansam: So everyone is living in that ONE BIG house... how come those two live alone?
Farah: The husband wanted to move out... he is independent!
Ansam: You know what? I better go sleep, I am just annoying you with my questions

...... and no one said anything like, "No its ok! you can stay! watch it with us!!!"


On another note, I was having Raspberry Frappaccino and sipped way too much on one go I got a brain freeze X-(

It was too windy when I left work around 4:30PM today, I swallowed so much dust... I am glad I was holding on to my skirt, although I am sure I looked funny, just to end it with my friend/coworker driving by me as I was walking and making silly faces

LOL again!


Daddy's Girl said...

This is the first time i comment on ur blog but i couldnt resist!!!

Y3ni after watching 24 o lost o CSI o Heroes, the middle east finds to get crazy about but noor?

No ur not the only one! me too! My sisters and mom in the uk started watching it there (wa7ed yero7 london o yeg3ad bel beet for noor?) o mamnooo3 inich itdezen sms, call, or try to contact them in any way! I mean plz i tried tried to watch it so they would include me in their heated discussion but alas! Ya rabi mo ghaseb :(

It is too slow. Noor is spending her days asleep on the bed while this mohanad hovering over her. Inzain o b3dain?! o aham shay wa7d yabi yakh6efha o yewadeha france with her... khalesaw il 7areem? Golo wa7da takh6ef mohanad ee lakin min yakh6ef noor?!

Ma agdar a6al3 noor. Sam7oone. O if i do i end up asking too much questions to the annoyance of the viewers! I would rather watch Desperate Housewives sara7a at least it is not Mexican Series in disguise!

randomq80ya said...

go chech out souq al mo3alim they have shirts with noor and mohanads pics :P

sp4rkster said...

HAHAHAHA, I simply love watching the obsession take over. Please tell me you've heard about all the divorce cases, etc due to the show?

I watched a few episodes awhile back, it was alright but then bored me. I fear its way too melodramatic, and not in a good way. They seem to run every cliche in the book.

In my opinion, Mohanned lacks testosterone as well...*hides from all the fangirls*

Princess said...

LOL i do exactly that! im almost always over at my friends house and she and her brother in law are avid admirers of the Noor CRAP and her husband and i ruin it for them, he does it on purpose i do it because its just too hard not to comment on the stupid soap opera saga they have going on! 100 plus episodes! LAISHHHHH

Big Pearls said...

I can't get excited about watching Noor..at all!

iLsuL6ana said...

looooooool i think im the only one bil q8 elllllllllyyy mO shayfa Noor :P
ma3ana esowlfOn 3an il Mosalsal jedami bs they stop, 3ashain 7adi mashajee3 :P

Ansam said...

Daddy's Girl-
Welcome to my blog... and I know what you mean, I feel for you hehehehe

Oh my! and I am sure they have buyers too!

Yes... I heard about it hehehe
LOL @ your mohanad comment!

I KNOW! Its annoying

Big Pearls-
Me too


Yara said...

Guess what, im in Paris now... everyone was watching it in London AND here in Paris ;/

Missy said...

You reminded me of myself! when I first started watching noor i used to mistake noor with dana (her sis in law) hehehe and I used bore my sister with all those silly questions as well :P

Fa6ma said...

There is "lots of love" in this series (along with the other one; sanawat eldaya3) and lack of new names!! There are 2 muhanad's and2 noors and in sanawat eldaya3 there are also 2 rafeefs..
I hate the show and I feel sorry for myself because 90% of the girls at the hospital take their break when Noor or the other one is on.. So because i hate to eat by myself, I have to watch it with them =/ but I don't care if they wanna watch it they can watch it at home,, I talk through it regardless of what they think of me =p I also tell them those two shows are stupid LOL!!

Fa6ma said...

OOOO~ after I read sp4rkster's comment about muhannad,, I remembered that one of my colleagues said she watched (or read?) an interview with muhannad and he turned out to be GAY =D LOL

Ansam said...

NO WAY! This is unbelievable!

LOL ok so we're on the same boat!

Its a waste of time.. specially its SLOW paced and thats annoying by itself! I heard about the other show with a "Lamees" when someone in a shopping mall made a pass at me and said "Oh Lamees lookalike!" I was like what the hell!! My sister then told me its another Turkish show! How many of them are there?

Fa6ma said...

Me: You're going to xray now.
Patient: Now?
Me: Yes! It won't take a lot of time.
Patient *looking anxious*: Oooh!!
Me: It's not crowded down there, you'll be back in no time.
Patient: But I'm watching NOOR!!
Me: You can skip two episodes and you won't miss anything important, trust me =p


They are only two shows, and that wallpaper thing is hilarious =D .. Like anyone would notice it's the Muhannad and Noor's bedroom wallpaper LOL!!

Ansam said...


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