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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is This For Real?

I am not sure where this incident happened... but its in the region!
This is worse than the crayon picture on Intlxpatr's blog!


chika said...

looks like KSA officer! I believe it can happen from heat, that's why air car fresheners are not not liquids if you notice..

Elool said...

oh my god is this real ?!

Purgatory said...

I should do that to your blog for your damn complex no rule quizzes.

Anonymous said...

Clever fake!

Have you noticed the number of cars in Kuwait with spider-web breaks in the front windshield???

Anonymous said...

See what happens when a lighter explodes in there, shrapnel flying all over and slicing the seats to pieces.

It's too real, pressurized items can explode inside the car and wreak havoc. Especially if one is driving.

*shows off lighter shrapnel scar*

Anonymous said...

kudos to the manufacturer of that can,... thats quality workmanship that can pierce such thick glass,... unless it was really cheap glass from the indian guy around the back.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that could've really hurt someone :/

Jewaira said...

Purgatory don't be mean!!! :P

Picture is unbelievable

eshda3wa said...


KTDP said...

it exploded because of the heat and broke through the glass.

Ansam said...

I think you are right... KSA!

looks like it

Rising above and not commenting back at ya :-P

yeah, unbelievable!

It is dangerous!

LOL! You think?

I know! Its bad

Thank you :-)


I know.... its really bad

Grey said...

Doesnt the can say it must be stored in less than 30*c?

Ansam said...

True... but they rarely read those *!&#(*^#(*#^

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