"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Totally Random

I went to the avenues earlier with my sisters and a friend to have brunch at Le Pain Quotidien. Nice quiehe t Saturday morning, but it got crowded towards the end of our stay! Basically we went in and ate, then shopped around... my foot hurt now... and my bank cards as well LOL!

There was some sort of Circus tour/show thing in Phase II too.

I am now home to refuel and rest before I meet up with another friend, and then again going to another friend's house at night to take her to the airport!

I have noticed how people are either too mean on the road or just plain idiots! When I give signals they flash their lights from VERY far behind me... in a way saying "DON'T YOU DARE SWITCH LANES!" Or people in front of me decide to switch lanes for no good reason and drive REALLY slow! Its so friggin annoying!

Our driver has been getting on my nerves lately! He have been taking me to work and picking me up since Late May... Lately he is asking me dumb questions;

Isaac: Go to second ring road or third?
Ansam: Isaac.... just take our usual rout please
Isaac: through road 35?
Ansam: yes please
Isaac: Ok from 35, do I go to second or third?
Ansam: Isaac... you know what? Up to you! Just take me home!

We've been having this conversation all last week for some odd reason!

On another note, have you seen girls... I am talking teens, young teens... wearing tons of make up and lots of eyeshadow? They look like drag queens!! I mean a drag queen wouldn't be caught dead looking like them! I think how on earth could someone wear THAT much make up? And how on earth would this much make up stay put in this melting weather?

Yeah.... Apparently there is another series that everybody is watching beside Noor called Lamees? While I was in the Avenues, two guys walked by and one was talking on the phone and he stopped and looked at me and said.. Oh! Lamees lookalike! I got puzzled since I only heard of Noor, so my sister is like no its another show! That got me pissed! How childish can passing by strangers be!!! And am I the only one in Kuwait not watching Noor or Lamees or whatever?

OK... now I am off to have some family quality time before I leave again :-) Enjoy the snaps and the video clip!


A Journal Entry said...

la2 ur not.. i don't watch them as well!

KTDP said...

Teens experiment with everything (we all did remember), I don't think that make-up is any different.

Oh and I agree people go crazy behind the wheel in this country. I don't think they understand the difference between driving a car and playing vice city ...

Ansam said...

A Journal Entry-
LOL good to know

Not to that extreme.... Makeup was the least of my worries, and kinda still is LOL

LOL @ vice city!

nice said...

mobile samsung 480 F 159 kd babtain ull love it

Big Pearls said...

I don't watch any of them..and what is all the big fuss about Mohannad..he's not more attractive than hollywood actors!

Grey said...

lol @ isac !

Yesterday i was changing lanes near Rawda ( while the signal was on ) and this lady behind me gives a big Honk as if i was an idiot changing lanes.. Showed her the bird ... too bad for her she got insulted in front of her friends ... I say "Show no mercy"

Ansam said...

ok, I will try to check it out soon.. I did not go phone shopping yet.

Big Pearls-
LOL my sister just told me that there are fan clubs for him on facebook!

Isaac almost got into a car accident earlier today :-S I was so scared!

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