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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proper Handover

Where I work, the floor is devided into two departments, us on the right, and the other department on the left. So earlier at work, I went to the kitchenette to fix my lunch, and I found this paper (picture above). I took a closer look and I see employees' names along with their locations and how they like their coffee/tea!

Me: Romeo, what's this paper for?
Romeo (our tea boy): Anthony made it ma'am.
Me: For what?
Romeo: You know when he was leaving for another job... he made this paper for the new tea boy so he knows his way around.
Me: Impressive!

That is what I call proper job handover... even those little details matter!


KTDP said...

now that guy deserves a raise !

Hamitaf La B said...

I like this guy...

Which one's you...?!

Ansam said...

Yeah hel left for a better job inshalla at Sultan Center... I mean he is very well organize to have done that :-)

Yeah, me too :-)
The picture is of the dept next to us, I am on their right side... not shown in the graph hehehe

Anonymous said...

and you guys let him go?!

he probably would have made quite a good employee beyond tea boy if he's that thoughtful.

pablo-chiarpenello said...

That is amazing. I think this guy is not like your barista at all.

Some points for him.

PaLoMiNo said...

eeeh walla impressive!!!

especially etha maar 3lych wa7ed ma ystw3b nafs our tea boy!!!

la wana ma y7cheni coz i'm new bel mokan ele ana feeh o 7athreta yabeny a36eeh ma3aash, mar 2 months bdoon la a36eeh ma3sh el7een ma gam eeye 9oby!!

ele ana a3rfa we give them tips bayn fatra o thanya! bas ena a36eeh ma3sh kil shahar?! awl mara asma3 eb hal netham ;p o maraa7 a36eeh 7ata low 10 kd coz he's so rude!!!

I want that guy to work 3indna ;p

Grey said...

One of our ex salesman was a engineer, and a neighbour was a Masri lawyer.. people get caught in the wrong job in Kuwait .. he must be one of them

Anonymous said...

That is well done!

Ansam said...

add to that his very positive vibes and cheerful good mornings! he will be missed

no not at all LOL

Very impressive
Thats one mean guy you are dealing with! He is rude!! Look for our guy in Sultan Center now

Yeah... it happens

Very much so

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