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Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have been playing this game of guessing company logos (130 companies in total)
I got stuck on some of them (pic attached)... I thought I have some of them right, like ING Group and UN... but can you help me with it?


UPDATE: I have the full logo sheet on excel, if you are interested... leave a comment with your email (a comment with your email only... if you have another comment leave a separate/another comment)


Purgatory said...

you want us to help you cheat?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Not a single one!

Ansam said...

Cheat??? what! shako!

LOL thanks for stopping by ;-)

Grey said...

25. maruti Car
73 Plane M
80 LIC ( life insurance corp of India)
104 ICC ( international Cricket Council )
115 SBI ( state Bank of India .. But thats the old logo )

Basically this is a Indian Company logos, so you wont succeed for sure.. give it up !

Ansam said...

Grey! its 130 company logos I guess 99 of them! Come on! This is good (ok my friends helped me too) I guess TATA!! Its indian, isnt it? I am not that bad

all of the logos you gave me worked fine except for Maruti! I am assuming i have to write something afterwards like ltd or company or so?

NBC and KLM drove me crazy! I kept getting FALSE till I wrote NBC Universal and KLM airlines LOL

thats why I am also assuming why I got ING and UN wrong! A missing stupid something LOL

Grey said...

90 Mahindra & Mahindra

125 . videocon

I think its Maruti Udyog ltd .

Big Pearls said...

interesting but I am not good at logos:(

Anonymous said...

OPs i am zero like always :)

Anonymous said...

Try writing 'United Nations" instead of UN.

And i think no. 25 is the Islamic Azad University (it's an Iranian university)

and 122 looks very familiar...isn't it a kuwaiti finance company? hmm

Try this quiz: http://www.guessthelogo.com/

Grey said...

10. ING vysya bank

are you still on this?

Ansam said...

Thanks... you are helping me fill in the blanks! I SO WANNA FINISH IT!

Big Pearls & Amu-
Thanks for stopping by :-D

I did! You think I didnt? I tried to solve it in numerous ways! I will try your answers... thanks :-)
Thanks for the link!

ING vysya WORKED! YAY! thanks
Yes I wanna finish it LOL

Anonymous said...

51- un security council

Ansam said...

It did not work :-(

Anonymous said...

ummm,.. india's security council then?


Triumph85 said...

sounds fun !!!


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