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Friday, July 25, 2008

Al Shaya Problem!

I was at Kuwait Airport this morning, and as our all time ritual we would eat breakfast there for morning flights... and of course, we picked Pizza Express.

I was buying everyone breakfast and decided to pay with NBK Credit Card, for that you get an instant 20% off your total.

1st issue: the total came up to KWD16.950, and the waiter added KWD1.690 as "Service" charge to it, so I received a handwritten total of KWD18.640

2nd issue: I paid with my card exactly KWD18.640! Where is the instant 20%???

3rd issue: when I asked him about it, he said it will come up later. Later where?? I mean come on! This isnt the first time I pay with my card at Al Shaya restaurants... Instant means instant.

4th issue: when he tried to convince me to redo the transaction without refunding the money! I am sure he wasnt trying to rip me off, he was just purely naive that I was gonna be charged twice, once with the full amount and another with the "instant" discount!

5th issue: why did he write Totele?? ITS TOTAL!!!!! ughhhhh


Grey said...

lol ! totele,

Big Pearls said...

what's wrong with al shaya service these days!! it is getting worse and worse!

Anonymous said...

I would never pay an amount which is handwritten u should pay only for the 16KD unless he issues another paper which is 18KD printed by the machine. Good you have the photos, email them to alshaya costumer service.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... TOTELE? That's priceless... especially since the word total already appears on the printed receipt.

Hamitaf La B said...

yes spelling mistakes are upsetting!

Ansam said...

LOL I know!

Big Pearls-
I know! Its bad, specially since I reminded them of the discount before they even swiped the card!

I wish I did!
And I sent them an email like you suggested

yeah hehehehe.... that explains it!

It really annoyed me hehehehe TOTELE!

Splash said...

I guess the guy is a new employee, but totele..emmm...is that Italina? (LOL)

Khaled said...

hi do you know that the service charge is not legal in the kuwaiti laws and if you report that to the ministry of commerce the will be in deep sh** you should not let that pass, report it to the ministry of commerce (consumer protection department)

Anonymous said...

must be a new employee

100% Lebanese said...

WHEN YOU PAY PEANUTS...YOU'LL GET MONKEYS..this is what makes most of restaurants as well as other places looks stupid and un-professional...would you face such issue somewhere else..let's say UK, PARIS, USA, CANADA, TOKYO..etc...i bet you never..

Hammour said...

I don't mind the totele..it's just a good laugh! :P, but YESS I never get instant discounts with NBK :-/... unless u PIN IT OUT & some still don't give, very unprofessional to an extent that makes it sound like a scam.

Anonymous said...

I was at starbuck- marina crest.. I payed 3.000 on my credit card.. after couple days i checked my balance sheet i saw two charges from *buck (on same date) one is for the 3 KD and another one 5.600!!!!! i have no idea where the 5.600 came from.. i went to NBK and complained .. ONE MONTH LATER I GET SAME RESPONSE " NO REPLAY FROM ALSHAY'" .. this is how business and banks are running in this country!!! my advice, always pay cash.. u dont have it reach for the ATM machine that would save not only ur money but ur time o a39aaaab.

Ansam said...

LOL no idea!

Really? I had no idea since a LOT of restaurants do charge us that!

Even the manager?

100% Lebanese-
hmmm! ok!! but not really! In France even if you are in the fanciest restaurant you wont get super duper service!!!

lol it is :-)

You should check again with the bank! thats really bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ansaaam u get 10% off instant oo the other 10% u get them back as coupons ;)

Ansam said...

I did not get ANY discount at pizza express... that is the problem!

Other than that.. coupons were accounted for from NBK!

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