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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Phone

I bought my phone back in March of 2007... its acting up all weird on me now.... I dropped it few times... accidently! I love it so much and so used to it, it is my second Sony Ericsson (ever since I used SE... I've decided not to switch back to Nokia) so any recommendation for a new phone?

I checked those online, but still undecided

Sony Ericsson W890i
Sony Ericsson G900
Sony Ericsson K770i

Your input will be highly appreciated :-P


Zeecu said...

Thanks a lot for the prize :-D

W890i is your current phone's successor.. looks similar to it, with a few fancy extras, mainly HSDPA internet, so you don't need a separate data-card (E-Go or W-net cards). It's a pretty nice phone!

G900 is cool, the touch interface and all but no HSDPA.

Do you even care about mobile internet?

I'm waiting for the W980i to be released! check it here!

Anonymous said...

since youre doing alot of pics you might want to wait for the new superduper 8.1megapixel sony ericsson c905.


i might actually break my nokia fetish for this :P

Grey said...

K850 i guess ..

BTW you are tagged !

Feminist™ said...

sony ericsson is the best

im using K770i & T650i

and both are amazing

Big Pearls said...

can't help much bas I am using nokia and it sucks!

KTDP said...

G900 if you want something flashy with a relatively good feature set or the w890i if you really like your current phone.

Rashisha said...

I like the purple one... LOL

My cousin has it and she says its awesome!!!

Delly said...

G900! im in luv with the color! everytime i go to alghanim im like: hey should i take this mobile?
3ajeeeb MAROON ;*

Anonymous said...

g900 is a business phone touch screen and its really good with 5mega pixels its really amazing and a new system and software for sony ericsson

Yara said...

If u want another sony ericson then go for the one that comes in cadbury purple

Anonymous said...

iPhone. . . everyone says once you own one, you never want anything else.

Anonymous said...

k770i is a nice one :)

Fastidious Babe said...

sony erics C902.. my friend has it and im gonna get it too!

there's always the good ol blackberry! x

eshda3wa said...

i dont have any input since i never used anything other than nokia

but i just wanted to say that i HATE changing my fone!!

Ruby Woo said...

I never buy new phones. I always use my family's leftovers (older phones), which is much better since I hate going through the process of choosing something!

Ansam said...

Thanks for participating :-)
I will have to check both out and see. Mobile internet is no big deal to me!

I prefer to take my pic with a camera... I use my phone camera just in case I forgot my camera.
The link is not clickable :-(

hehehe ok

Yes hehehe

Big Pearls-
Maybe its time to switch?

I like my current phone but will see about that

LOL... I was hesitant because of the color LOL


but sony ericsson hate you :-P

Pregnancy effect... refering to the color as cadbury purple! hmmm interesting!

I still didnt get the iPhone fever hehehe

Will check it out

Fastidious Babe-
hehehe ok will see

You are missing out :-P
I hate changing mine too... but poor thing is acting all up on me

Ruby Woo=
Smart hehehe... for some reason I like to stick to my phones and they have to be new... I have to be the first user!

Yara said...

looooool exactly... my sister has one and its the exact color of the cadbury bar.. kilma ashofa i want a cadbury... come to think of it cheni wedi one now :P

Anonymous said...

its copy-n-pasteable tho :P

i always thought i would prefer a seperate camera until i got the one i have now. the pics from turkey on my blog were all taken with my phone, and its only a 5 megapixel camera. the sony one coming out is 8, which is pretty much the same as many consumer level cameras around i think. but perhaps you already have a superduper camera?

Ansam said...

LOL.... sij Taurus, sometimes min zood esha6a neshta6 ma3ahom LOL oh the joys of shopping!

Thanks :-)
Your pictures were amazing! I remember that post

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