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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleaners (Labor) Strike!

The laborers protest against the so called "terms and conditions" imposed by their employers is really bad... I was at a gas station with my sister, and it was PACKED! We are so used to them being their to help out in filling our cars with gas to the point that when they were on strike the gas station was PACKED with cars because lazy ass people are too lazy to leave their cars in the hot weather and fill it themselves!!!!!

I really feel bad for them :-( For them to come all the way to Kuwait and work their asses off for little or no money at all! This is very corrupted!


chika said...

e walla, i was talking about this with my fellow colleague designer Anil.. it's sad

Purgatory said...

I say send them all back home, or to Dubai.

KTDP said...

erm .... area you sure they weren\t all waiting for the bus .....

Grey said...

I cant understand one thing, Why the Kuwaiti govt gives out tenders for private companies despite of knowing the fact that they are ' bringing the country to disrepute..' ..

18KD salary a month? even Chika's cats spend more than this. Right Chika?

Delicately Realistic said...

My heart goes out to them. The majority are not treated well and dont receive their wages.

I really do hope something is done about this problem.

Ansam said...

It is :-(

You are so mean! but thats not unusual :-P

LOL you are mean as well... not as much Purg though

Its bad :-(
KD 18???? Thats really nothing!

Delicately Realistic-
I know... they open bank accounts for them but take away their ATM cards!

Anonymous said...

Poor guys. Does anyone know how much they get paid? Is it equivalent to a helper's salary? If I win the lottery - I'm making them all rich! :)

Ansam said...

I dont really know... did you know that they dont get paid on a monthly basis! this is bad!

Anonymous said...

They work the hardest in such hot weather. They stay out all day to clean or fill gas at the gas staions and only get 10-12kd per month. No one in Kuwait will do the works they do and still get paid so less. And they come all the way from Bangladesh to work and support their family back home. With 8KD they can't support themselves how will they support their families?

Ansam said...

I know :-( its sad

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