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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Maki is one of the restaurants I like to dine-in in Kuwait! I like their sushi, their food (although I see it as junk food sushi), their locations... not their service :-( Its a dilemma! I like the good food/sushi, but I don't get the best service all the time! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

This may sound normal.. because excellent service on daily basis is hard to maintain! but it's a must strategy to be followed in order to maintain customer loyalty.

I will have to say.. the best Maki service and attention we would get is from Rajab :-) Tawfik... and I think Ahmed (not sure of his name)... they are absolutely fabulous! There are also more of their friendlier staff that I don't know their names... but those three people always put a smile on our face no matter what.. specially Rajab! I think everyone I know thinks he is the best of all Maki staff.

About the unfriendliness.. here are some few flaws to their services:

1. If we reserve a table for six, we usually get one table for four but with six squeezed-in chairs.. and when we complain they say they're packed! Which I really hate.. why even let us come in when you don't have enough room!

2. Bad mood of some waiters... like some of them would tell us while ordering.. "Isn't that enough? its a lot of food!" OK! Yes.. I am gonna eat all of it and take leftovers home.. which brings me to another point...

3. Last time I asked for leftovers.. the waiter asked me, "Could you please gather them all in one plate for me!" I was like, "You want me to do it??" and I got upset and told him that I don't want them anymore.... it felt like I was begging for it! Its rude!

4. There was this one time when we were discussing tipping when the waiter jumped in and said, "There is a cover charge which is only for the table but its not a tip!"... hmmm did I ask your opinion?

And many many more.... the question, would I still go to Maki? Of course I would.. I am one loyal customer despite those recurring incidents... why? I love their sushi and food.. and I like most of their older staff.. and its really worth it. I just hope they do something about their employees' attitude problems!!


shoosha said...

9ij? awal mara asma3 chithy :S im not a big fan of sushi fa i only go to acompany my friends. but i know inna 4 of my friends tesamemaw a couple of monthes ago min maki.
nice blog ;)

Ansam said...

thanks shoosha and welcome to my blog.. la I never got food poisoning from Maki, I love love LOVE their food.. but sometimes the service is not all that!

Zahra said...

Like shoosha I only go when my friends decide to go there. It's never my first choice but every time I've been there I've had great service and food.

Your post made me wonder about the tipping point in Kuwait. Where does the service charge go? Is it given to the waiters who served us or kept for the restaurant? Why do some restaurants have mandatory service charges? Also do waiters live off their tips here in Kuwait like they do in the US or are they paid a decent salary?

Ansam said...

no idea sara7a.. I went to a restaurant in Colorado where waiters actually pay them to work at their restaurant because it was so expensive and tipping goes 15-20% (if not more)

Service charge is a service charge but how its devided and all.. I have no idea. Plus, sometimes we have a waiter serving us the whole time and then another comes and picks the tip.. does he take it or give it to our waiter or what! Its messy!!

I had some bad experiences with Maki services but also lots and lots of good ones.. I love MAKI! YUMMMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

أنا أمس تغديت في ماكي مارينا..الصراحه عليهم نفس خايسه وما رحبو أول مادشينه ..ولا تشنه الأكل ببلاش مودافعين عليه.
ما أفكر أدشه مرة ثانيه

Amonish said...

Maki... maki.. food.. maki.. food is maki.. maki is THE food.. everytime I go there they ask about u :P Sushi!! y3t!

Ansam said...

Lik/lich 3alihom

LOL yep I am addictedddddddd

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