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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nails 2 U

Most of us like to have our nails done in the most convenient way possible! Nails 2 U offers this to you at your home.. or anywhere you are! How many times did we want to go but didnt want to go through all the hassle of changing and driving.. or looking for a slipper that wont ruin our pedicure! This is amazing... specially for Kuwaiti people! We like to have everything at our doorsteps! LOL
Plus the prices are really not bad for nails-home service! Check it out!
Click on the images above to enlarge ;-)
UPDATE: their official website is Nails2U


Amjad said...

Mark's blog says you can do online grocery in Kuwait, and your blog says that you get those staff without having to go to their shops. I wonder if tomorrow I will find another Kuwaiti blog saying that people don't have to go to their work places anymore, 'cause their work is delivered to them at home :-p

Ansam said...

LOL some people do work from home!
To be able to do everything from home without interacting with the outer world... Scary thought isnt it?

Confashion said...

I would like to try them once. You're sooo right, I'm too lazy to do my nails. And when I do get the urge to do my nails, I dread the thought of staying in the salon for more than hour just to my nails!

Zahra said...

True about Kuwaitis wanting everything at their doorsteps. We are used to having hairstylists and make up artists coming to our homes. It's something old fashioned that we never really grew out of.

EniGma said...

if they're going from house to house, then how are they sterilizing their equipment???

Cixousian Panic said...

i like the idea a lot :D girls can start having manicure pedicure parties! I like going with my friends to get a pedicure so having nails 2 u come over is an awesome idea!

Ansam said...

I know, sometimes me and my friend will be like lets go for mani/pedi and have tea.. we would go to N-Style or Cleo... I love the idea of mani/pedi at home parties! COOL

Anonymous said...

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Aram said...

EniGma said...
if they're going from house to house, then how are they sterilizing their equipment???

hi this is aram from nails 2 u

we have an office and we sterilize all our tools every morning and night , so every nail technician has more than 40 tools ready in her trolley bag!

hope you'll like our service :)

Ansam said...

Welcome to my blog and my sister tried your service and loved it :-)

Aram said...

thanks sweetie and u should try it 2 !!!! :)

Ansam said...

I am sure I will :-)
There is a new post also about Nails 2 U on http://confashions.blogspot.com

check it out :-)

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