"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

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A: Available or single — single

B: Best Friend — My sisters

C: Cake or pie — Cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes LOL.. Pie comes in second!

D: Dance or exercise — Dancing for exercising purposes :-P

E: Essential Item — Camera, internet, & passport

F: Favorite color — Red, tiffany blue/teal, deep purple

G: Gummy bears or worms — Not a big fan! Will go for sour ones though

H: Home town — Thats where the heart is!

I: Indulgence — Spa, chocolate, food, travel...

J: January or February — same!

K: Kids — Passing on your genes :-P

L: Life — full of surprises

M: Marriage — Celebration of love and commitment

N: Number of siblings —Four

O: Oranges or apples — both

P: Phobias — I have no extreme fear of anything... yet!! (thank God) but I dont like spiders.... eeeeeeeek!

Q: Quote: Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May - Robert Herrick

R: Reasons to smile — Smell of fresh bread out of the oven LOL heehee that is one reason!

S: Season — Spring/Summer

T: Tag 3 people: Zahra, Laydeelay, Confashions

U: Unknown fact about me — I think with my mind more than my heart! One day I will learn to balance the two and be: More Person, Less Robot LOL

V/W: Worst habit — Spending lots of money on Spas! I need to make a budget for that! LOL

X/Y: Your favorite Food — Sushi

Z: Zodiac — Taurus


shoosha said...

we all need a budget for spa's :D

Ansam said...

I hear you girl LOL

skunk said...

ooh fresh bread,.. i forgot that one :P

Ansam said...

It does make me smile!

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