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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Little Oven

I was talking to one of my friends about the burger business invasion in Kuwait...
"I LOVE Johnny and the Burger Boutique".. That is what I told him.
"Did you try The Little Oven burger?" He asked
I said; "No, is it any good??"
"Give it a try, its amazing"
So I ordered that burger from them for lunch today.. and it is amazing.. only it was TOO oily! I loved it! Juicy and yummy, but again.. TOO oily....It was priced at KWD 2.400, was worth the try.
Check out their menu on 6alabat
They are located in Bneid Al Gar next to Flex - Family- Gym - Tel: 251-7899/8
Thanks Abs ;-)
Next stop is Slider Station, read good reviews on in on 248am


LayDeeLay said...

Ok..DH has us on the diet center meals n ur talkin about BURGERS!!!..ahhhh!!
i really wanna try slider station..all those pics of yummy food...n tht chocolate pudding...hmmm...i need to stop thinkin about food!...

Extinct Dodo said...

they only have that one burger :O tsk tsk. im skeptical about lebanese cuisine joints that make anything other than lebanese food... it just seems so damn wrong :/

Ansam said...

heehee I hear you girl!

extinct dodo-
one burger, but really one GOOD burger.. give it a try

Zahra said...

I tried their food a couple of weeks ago and it was oily but we didn't have the burgers, we had the pizza. I trust your recommendations and I'll try the burger but not anytime soon, like laydeelay I'm on a diet :(

skunk said...

hmm sounds interesting.

been getting burger cravings recently :P

i thought johnny rockets and burger boutique were alright, but i still havent found the prefect burger here.

ruby tuesday does do a nice burger tho :P

i wish they had the outback here,... they had the only burger i've tasted where i said i really gotta go back and have another.

Ansam said...

Johnny is my favorite by far, for sliders (mini burgers) I like the burger boutique. I wanna try slider station so bad, heard its really good.. I didnt like burger hub much, and there is this place in hawalli called burger company.. heard its OK! hmmm what else!!! oh burger bar is opening next to holiday inn downtown.. it is the invasion of burgers for sure LOL

The one I tried today wasnt bad, but why KWD 2.400!! It was worth the try, but too expensive for a burger you know!

Confashion said...

I only tried their grilled chicken sandwich and it was.. average. :|

Ansam said...

yeah their food is oily and heavy! that burger was good too! but its not a to-die for

Eva said...

elyom q9te qe9a !
i was craving for some pancakes , soo i looked for it in 6alabat.com , and i couldn't find any , but their was hOney wraps In The Little Oven ..
and since my user name msajal 3aleh 3nwan elbeit , i had to look for the number ;p
Goooogle it , o here i am again " I was just In Ur Blog before it :P "

6ab3an elwraps 9araw walema every1 ordered from the resturant and now we are waiting ! * At Work ..

Eva said...

o thanks for their num ;$

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