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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kuwait Yellow Pages - Restaurants

OK... this is is my new love.. heehee

Electronic Kuwaiti Yellow Pages - Restaurants

Usually my friends call me to recommend restaurants to go to, or just call me and say: "I am in X restaurant, what is good to order here" I am like their restaurant switch board/Guru ;-)

Sometimes I would be sitting in a restaurant with bunch of people and no one wold hold their menus because they are waiting for my recommendation(s) ;-)

This is one helpful site, I love it!

For the yellow pages main guide, go to..

Electronic Kuwaiti Yellow Pages


Maha said...

Thank you. Its very useful

Ansam said...

Sure anytime, à votre service ;-)

Zahra said...

Haha I have a friend like that. She is my restaurant guide no matter where I go in the world! MashAllah 3alaiha she tries every place and always knows the best thing on the menu!

skunk said...

theres this guy in singapore that loved food, so he decided to do like a weekly issue on food places.

'makan' in malay means "eat" so he called it makan sutra, as in karma sutra.

you ought to start a thing like that here :P and get an abaya so you can review falafel places yourself too :D

think about it, theres nothing to do here but eat.


the best bit,...

when you get famous, all the owners will insist you eat for free for a good review!

would be hell on your cholestorol tho :|

Ansam said...

skunk yeah I told zahra I can do a better review on food than in fashion and was thinking to have a day of the week on my post where I review a new restaurant or a dish! what do you think?

skunk said...

sounds like a great idea :P

skunk said...

ooh i could review dodgy falafel places :D

Ansam said...

skunk cool heehee

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