"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have been a regular on Starbucks for so long. I love their Sumatra coffee the best and their Ice-shaken. Their food selection is not bad and varies depending on which country you are in. In those years I would go to Starbucks minimum once per week, and during which I would also go to other coffee shops.. I think it was the fact the Starbucks grew on me! But then I realized.. this isn't the best coffee in the world!! Really!

Around 3-4 years back.. I started going to other cafes more and more, and going to starbucks less and less.... I realized that I loved their drinks more than Starbucks's!!!
Second cup have amazing coffee selection, and a yummy green tea latte! So does coffee bean and tea leaf.. plus their super wide range of herbal teas! Those two coffee shops are growing on me heehee

I will explore and write more about the coffee shops that I like.. so stay tuned ;-)


Maha said...

I like COSTA and Starbucks

SweetPie said...

I like starbucks the most and also I like the other coffee shops.

No.1 starbucks
No.2 coffeebean tealeaf
No.3 caribo
No.4 second cup

Ansam said...

good good... keep the suggestions coming!

Happy Wolf said...

Seatles best [ cinnabon] and ofcorse the Nestle jar !

LayDeeLay said...

I love white mochas...the best one i'v tried is at the chocolate bar...i know it isnt a coffee house...but ever since,i cant drink a white mocha anywhere else!

Ansam said...

happy wolf-
Thanks :-)

I love their chocolate shots

LayDeeLay said...

hehe..those shots make me giggle...a LOT soon after...hehe

Ansam said...

laydeelay heehee it makes some of my friends go ewe! how can you drink chocolate! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hot Drinks "starbucks does it better"
bas for cold Drinks .. Coffee Bean and Tea leaf!! Mayabeelah 7achyy! ;P
try "Pure chocolate iceblend" mal coffebean!

Anonymous said...

coffee bean and tea leaf
second cup

i dont like starbucks

Shnainu said...

Try Tully's its the best.. ( I think you can find it in the U.S (West Coast) and Japan. They both were established in Seattle (The mother of "fast-coffee" shops) and they are really competing with Starbucks especially on the cold drinks category. So.. if you passed by some Tully's place.. just get inside and try some of their drinks!

Peony said...

my fave drinks varies 3ala the coffee shop..
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf- Caramel Latte (hot or iced.) & Caramel Iced Blend..
*bux-- Iced Caramel Machiato or Raspberry Tea Frappicino
Costa- Latte
Caribou- Very Berry Latte (or somethin like that)

Ansam said...

I dont know if we have'em in Kuwait

U like caramel dont you? heehee

Missy said...

im a cold drinks person! i love coffeebeans ice blended drinkss :D

Ghasheema said...

sweetie if you are ever in Canada...you SHOULD try Tim Horton's coffee :)

to me its much better than Starbucks wallah...and they have wide varities too

if ur ever in Canada..7ayaich ur treat is on me :D

Confashion said...

you have to try the cinammon mocha at Zahra Cafe.. THE BEST. I carve it like crazy! I wish they had Zahra Cafe in other malls.

Ansam said...

my new trend is to drink more herbal teas and less coffee, I am into coffee bean and tea leaf selection of teas and rituals

thanks dear you are so sweet.. I wanna review coffee places in Kuwait, but I will hold you to your promise heehee

I will try it out inshalla soon... thanks for the tip :-**

skunk said...

i hate starbucks, but i'm addicted to their banana ice frappawhateveritscallednow.

the starbucks girl at the KSE starts making it before i get within 20 feet of her counter.

Ansam said...

skunk... if u like banana frappy maybe you should give second cup a try.. they have this banana lovers something and Capser and Gambini have hmm I think its called crazy monkey or funky monkey!!

skunk said...


i am not going up to some stranger at a counter and asking for a crazy funky monkey!

i'll probabaly get arrested.

Ansam said...

skunk NO LOL its good! I order it via 6alabat.com sometimes

Dreamy said...

I've been all my life drinking coffee/mochas without comparing till two days ago when I realized Coffee bean & tea leaf prepares a very yumy mocha compared to Star bucks' mocha

Ansam said...

I agree... I love CBTL

Anonymous said...

second cup


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