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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Unhealthy Health System

I got a bit sick earlier at around 10:30pm and decided to go to the ER of Mowasat or International Clinic... The street was JAMMED! I changed destinations and decided to seek free health from a near by governmental clinic.

I got there at 10:40pm.. my number was 93, and the number on the screen was reading 86 or 87... I thought about it for a moment and decided to wait a while.. I really did not want to drive all the way to Salmiya.... and guess what???? I got to see the doctor an hour later!!!! Not because he was taking too long treating others, but because irresponsible patients come and barge in because they cant wait and they are or with someone who is sick!! I mean come on!! Aren't we all!!

What I dont get is why the doctor accept to jump between numbers and give those losers priority over us! It is so annoying! and guess what I got for medication? Panadol and some other Chlorophena-something!


Wild_Mare said...

That's why I dont go to a clinic. I have my mini pharmacy.

Get well soon sweetie.

Happy Wolf said...

Wow ! thats what i call a 'ajnabee experience' we go through it all the time , at least you guys speak Arabic , imagine the one's who don't !

Zahra said...

Salamat! I hope you are feeling better! I think you're right, doctors have an important role to play in maintaining order in the clinics.

pearls said...

salamat, but to say the truth that's nothing compared to other countries. An hour is not a very long wait. Thank God you're seen by the doctor on the same day in Kuwait.

Imagine taking an appointment weeks before for a 5 min talk to a physician or waiting 4-5 hours maybe more at the ER because top emergency cases come in first, doesn't matter what time you've gotten there you'll only be seen after they've seen all of them first ...

I really think it's fair to some extent. Doctors are really trying their best not to make patients wait too long. I don't mind waiting even when I'm ill, if I see someone else who looks more ill than I, I'd let them in before me.

Though I agree that clinics need more order in them and it's so rude to barge in on other patients.

'Grey' said...

Try the dental clinic ! its fun ...like hell

'Grey' said...
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skunk said...

hope youre feeling better :D

Ansam said...

Thanks.. I hope so too. I am at work now, sobs!

Thanks, Im a bit better.. I just wanted to get well so fast to attend a BIG event last night.. but it got me more tired.. I just could not offer to miss it.

Thanks :-) I was not complaining for the actual hour.. I was complaining about the other patients who just barge in because they have an emergency (and arent we all!!)

Happy Wolf-
I ended up going to International Clinic the day after.. they gave me antibiotics!! The clinic doctor just thought I wanted a sick leave and told me I have allergies!! I was in pain (ears and throat)!!

As in Dr. Grey :-P? heehee no thanks! I will have to pass

I am at work.. feeling slightly better but VERY tired

Confashion said...

Hathy il kuwait sal 3ala il niby :)

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