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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Diet Shop

In the past few years, I have been trying to adapt to a healthier life style.. meaning, eating healthy, working out more, relaxing as much as I can whenever I can, and taking good care of my body and soul.

Usually at work lunch time, someone would go: "Guys lunch?" and most of us go pick a menu, vote on a restaurant, and one of us would order food. Most of the time we argue about ordering too much Casper and Gambini and few of us would pick another menu.

My friends on the "8th Floor" told me about the Diet Shop, The Executive Meal, offer! I called them up, they sent me an application along with a menu to choose/mix and match for KWD 15 and 5 days. I thought this offer was amazing! And is renewable every week. Basically they send you the menu a week ahead with two choices for each; salads, main dish, and dessert. You only have to be at least five people in the same location for them to deliver it to you. This was not a problem to me, since I work in a place with too many companies.. and I know people on this plan here are way more than five ;-)

Their Ad goes:

"We are delighted to propose to you our new project; The Executive Meal. We have started this service for the hardworkers who suffer from fast food and lack of time for home food preparation at the same time would like to maintain a healthy life style."

If you interested to participate please send an email to Kuwait@dietcenterme.com or call us on 2253188/83.

The food is not bad at all... its actually good and of high quality and its all well presented despite the plastic-ware. I have been on it for a week.. everything I tasted was good and satisfying.. The only problem that it arrives cold (refrigerated) so you have to have a microwave or something to heat it up, but I usually eat the salad and dessert at work, and leave the main dish for home.
This is TOO good... to actually enjoy food and staying healthy! I highly recommend it :-)


LayDeeLay said...

on our first day on the diet center meal...the portion size was tiny....but aftr tht,it ws prty good...and their desserts!!!omg!!amazin!!

Ansam said...

yeah thanks to you and your team.. I have NO complains ;-) The portion works fine for me. Are you still on it? I signed up for next week as well.. As I am typing this, I am eating their chocolate eclaire... Not bad at all ;-) I love you guys

Maha said...

does that mean no Little Treats cupcakes for you?

Ansam said...


LOL NOOOO! Its only 5 times per week.. I have 2 extra days.. and may eat a cupcake (or two) in those days ;-) LOL

LayDeeLay said...

Lno..since sm of us were travellin..we cancelled...mayb next week...and ur havin eclairs?!!wtout me??..wheres the love?:p

Ansam said...

Ansam RARELY shares food heehee

Zahra said...

I am tempted to try it out. My diet isn't going so well. I don't know where I can find 4 people who will want to participate unless I made all my family join in with me haha!

shoosha said...

ur shoe tagged ;)

Confashion said...

Are those the same people who have a shop at Shamiya Mall? You know who has a similar concept? Health Company. You can order healthy and light food fromtheir take away menu and they deliver anywhere and everywhere. I tried it a couple of times and I have actually liked it a lot!

Ansam said...

Give them a call.. who knows! Maybe they will allow it for one person or maybe there are people near by!

Yeah I know I have been tagged earlier today as well... Zahra's shoe-tag-fever is spreading LOL

Yeah the same on in Shamiya and Nuzha I think... I tried the health company food.. its also good, but this plan is very convenient :-)

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed by their food...but their desserts are good!

Ansam said...

I have nothing to complain about.. their food is good for me heehee

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