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Friday, June 29, 2007

Tagged again! - SHOES!

Zahra (of http://kuwait-style.com/) tagged me to post a picture of my favorite shoes! Heehee... this was a tough one.. I was standing in front of my shoe boxes (YES! I keep the boxes and sacs of almost every shoes I buy) and didnt want to pick, I love them all.. but then I thought.... if I had to pick I would go with this one! Why? hmm ok because;

1. I have had this shoes FOREVER! It is still in pretty good condition (after hmm what!! seven years maybe!! WOW!! Just realized that)

2. Its fun, its stylish, its funky, and VERY comfortable to walk in..

3. The color is so beautiful... bright orange, gold, and see-through orange heels ;-)

4. It matches many of the outfits I have

5. I have the matching purse to go with it too

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Zahra said...

They are too cute! I can't believe you've had them for that long! They still look in great shape!

I've added them on the Shoe-Tagged post http://kuwait-style.com/2007/06/28/shoe-tagged-show-me-your-favorite-shoes/ Could you add a link to it in your post somewhere so readers can see all the other favorite shoes that have been shared?

Thanks so much for doing the tag :***

New Bride said...

wanaaaaaasa mashslsh still look good :)

Ansam said...

thanks girls :-)

Confashion said...

hey! I had the same shoes! they're fendi right? with their matching pucci-like bag! I loved it too.. I like this color :)

Ansam said...

Yes they are.. and arent they so comfortable.. I had the baguette bag in same bright orange color (still have both LOL after all those years).. what was your color? the teal/turquoise?

Confashion said...

Mine were peach too ;)

Anonymous said...

Seven years!????

My favorite shoe's is almost worn out.
soon to be dead min kither ma SIJ a7ibah oo malbis gheirah LOL

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