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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Way To Go FCC

With the new traffic law banning the use of cellular phones while driving I find it hard sometimes to reach our driver! Apparently he did not get a headset (according to MOI, a fine will be charged for those who violate this order unless using a hands-free or headset). So I told him, the driver, that I will be getting him a headset.

A lot of stores have raised their headset prices like there is no tomorrow! Its insane! Some of which have doubled their prices! Other stores are completely out of headsets. I decided to head to a NOKIA - FCC branch which is so close to where I work (Remember my FCC gift? I decided why not check their branch!)

To my surprise, the headset suitable for the driver's phone was for ONLY KD 5.000!!! (other places were selling it for KD 10.000!!!!!!!!!)

I really am happy with FCC! First they did some sort of cooperation with the MOI going around colleges giving lectures on car accidents and alternatives available to use your phone while driving. Second the FCC press conference held for that same purpose where they clearly stated that they did not increase their prices and also promoted their products available to use -that are in compliance with the new traffic law-, and best of all when they started to hand in free headsets to random drivers on the roads on May 1st!



Purgatory said...

FCC sucks.

Ansam said...


Purgatory said...

its personal :)

Ansam said...

hmm!! OK!!!

Big Pearls said...

about banning mobiles, my uncle's wife told me about the fuss she had while driving today trying to get the bluetooth headset to work!

Hamitaf La B. said...

I still didn't get a headset... or bluetooth thing... I just put speaker on... :)

Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
While driving? she should do it before she actually drives! I like the new law.. I have been using headset most of the time even before they put that order into effect!

My sister does the same hehehe

Grey said...

5KD for a headset? Gotta be kiddin me ! In Souk Munira ( opp Marina) 1st floor ... its dirt cheap ! I call it day light robbery !

Ansam said...

I am talking about the NOKIA brand ones that are selling for much higher in other stores! My friend got one of the really not-so-expensive ones, and its BAD!
If you check the official website for NOKIA you can find out how much they are selling for :-)

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