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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That Barista Hates Me!

The barista at the coffee shop where I work must hate me now! I have no idea why but he makes me laugh at his expressions! Be it facial or comments!!! (not the kind of laugh that would make me feel good, the other kind!) well anyways... I admit, I am mean to him in return.

Usually people would be happy and at ease when they get the barista familiar with their order... but sometimes the barista gives you some sorta hibee jeebees that you would not like! I know weird... but VERY true! He would laugh when I talk, and I mean when I talk to other people and not him... Say hello to me when he deliver coffee to my co-workers even when I am on the phone, or busy.. he have to make me look at him and say hello back! He would give some comments that I dont like trying to be funny when he is not! I mean... Not all barista have that Je ne sais quoi that makes a good salesperson! You know what I mean?

Incident One:
Me: hmmm can I have....
Barista: I know, non-fat Ice Shaken
Me: No!
Barista: NO ICE SHAKEN TODAY??????
Me: Do I have to order the exact same thing ALL THE TIME? I DONT THINK SOOOOO!!!

Incident Two (and I have switch my order to skimmed white mocha since incident one):
Me: I would like to have....
Barista (interrupt me): Tall White Mocha, non-fat and no foam.. right?
Me: No, actually I want to have a white mocha frappuccino!!
Barista: You like frappuccinos?
Me: I have the RIGHT TO! DONT I?

Incident Three (Today - with my co-worker)
Me: Can I have A caramel macchiato and a turkey ciabatta please
JF: I will have the submarine
Me: Separate checks please!
Barista: SEPARATE CHECKS???? (with a big exclamation mark on his face like WHY HOW COULD YOU ask for seperate checks??!?!!)
Me: Yeah!!!! SEPARATE CHECKS! Heehee why is this so surprising?
Barista: I entered both already
Me: Cancel one... its not the end of the world!!
Barista: OK (he gave me a look!)

Me and my JF were discussing why he was TOO surprised that we wanted separate checks..

Me: He officially hates me today! SEPERATE CHECKS!!
JF: hehehehe he is looking at you
Me: Let him look.... (sipping coffee) do you have ZAIN or KT MTCNet on your phone?
JF: Why?
Me: I still have MTC my sister got a new chip and it reads Zain

Another co-worker joins in and as I moved my phone fell on the floor so hard that the battery and cover fell off the phone (KARMA!!!!)

Me: Check this out! My chip is a classic... its too old!
JF: Its an antique hahahahahaha
SS: Let me see?
Me: I know! Its the very OLD logo.. not the mtc, not the mtc-vodafone... the one before that! The one with the Kuwaiti Map! (check attached picture above!)

OK.. enough said! BACK TO WORK NOW!


Purgatory said...

so that is where you work ha ;p

Ansam said...

LOL you mean the coffee shop or MTC/ZAIN?

Anyway.. no to both :-P

Purgatory said...

I did not say anything ;)

Ansam said...

Purg! Good hehehehe

Hasan.B said...

I still do not know why they changed the name to zain?

Loolykinns said...

Hey... its fun to mess around with your orders to confuse'em... I DO THAT ALL THE TIME!!!

specially at gulf street's McDonald's... I usually order coffee with a bottle of water or 2 cheese burgers with small coke... But I ALWAYS CHANGE MY ORDER EVERY NOW AND THEN TO SEE THEIR SURPRISED FACIAL EXPRESSION... FUN FUN FUN =D

Grey said...

You messed up with a starbucker? Dont worry very soon they will open one in every floor of every building ... just like Avenues.

FourMe said...

Ok you made me check on my chip and guess what I'm a qadeema like you I got the little map :/ oh and it says Kt Mtc on mine.. 7adi dathraa..

I got the feeling your mean to him lol

Ansam said...

rebranding a mature product!

LOL sometimes u like how they know your order... but when the barista doesnt have the charisma to do it right LOL you know

LOL very true

LOL his fault! :-P

eshda3wa said...

u drink too much coffee :p

New Bride said...

looool what`s wrong with him !! :) i like ice shaken

Slai7e6 said...

go back to ordering ice shake dnt piss of the dude :P

Ansam said...

Not daily ;-) these incidents took place over the past couple of months

New Bride-
No idea heheheh I dont like their coffee much, but this is what we have here at work!

LOL no he is mean in his own way... or annoying to be politically correct ya3ni!

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