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Thursday, May 15, 2008


This post is dedicated to Intlxpatr. Enjoy!
Intlxpatr was wondering... In Qatar, gatherings are called "Majlis" and in Kuwait its called "Diwaniya"... How does majlis differ from diwaniya?

I would say Majlis literal meaning is a place to sit, and there are Male-Oriented Majlis as well as Female-Orinted Majlis...

Well.... A diwaniya can be seen as a cultural thing that started long time ago and the culture of it remained and in some way changed to some kind of social gathering where families, friends, and outsiders -in some cases- establish socio-political ties. It expanded in some cases, and diwaniyas became listed on newspapers, and the internet making it a "public gathering place" for the citizens of Kuwait.. like an open door to meet and talk about politics, business, life, family..... sometimes playing cards too! A lot of modernized ones are opened for Westerners as well, which I think its an amazing way to share a mixture of views and learn about one another!

Younger generation Diwaniya's are also a place of get-together where friends and family come and chat, play electronic games -or games in general- and watch movies.

Basically, the word Diwaniya refers to MEN reception area attached to the main house with its own services (such as toilets, serving area, buffet, and servants.)... there they discuss various subjects like life, business, politics...etc!

The literal meaning of it in English is "place of assembly". The word itself comes from "Diwan" which means an office! In the old times a diwan was the Amir's office where he made time to meet his people and listen to their problems, discuss them, and try to solve them!

Its interesting to see the transformation...
Tents into extension in a house.. or even a huge diwan byitself (even if it depict an old time Kuwaiti house - to retain the flavor)
The cushions you talked about, the sadu ones into luxurious sofas or seating areas

Traditionally... as mentioned above, Diwaniyas were meant for stags! Nowadays.. female presence is accepted in some of which! Which I still DO NOT get! Call me back dated or old fashioned, but there are areas I think that should be left as is. Diwaniyas for MEN and Chay Al Thaha (Late morning tea gatherings) for WOMEN! hehehe

As for me, we have a small reception area right below my Dad's diwaniya.. some of our friends refer to it is Girls Diwaniya! Where I would rather call it the "Purple Lounge" where we get together with our friends on a weekly basis (in addition to some more gatherings here and there).. socialize and have fun watching a movie or just simply talk and do girl's stuff!

Above are some pics of our place - My sisters and I-


Hasan.B said...

If that was a mens dewaneya, then it would have been the gayest dewaneya ever! I do not think there is any difference between majlis and dewaneya. Just using different words to describe the same thing

Ansam said...

LOL NO! thats our purple lounge! Its girlie! heheheh not a GAYISH diwaniya :-P

Grey said...

in Hindi Diwaniya means 'mad women' ( as in mad in love)

Ansam said...

really? thats interesting! hmmm! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love this post!

Your girlie diwaniyya is actually very elegant looking - who took the bw photo of the rose?

Ansam, thank you for going to so much trouble to explain all this. And you know I am strongly in favor if integration of schools and workplace, and at the same time, I think it's also really cool to see the guys together, and to hear about the women's morning chai (I have heard you get all the BEST information there!) Some things are better discussed with your own kind. ;-)

LOL at Grey . . . and at your response . . . and hmmmmmm.. . . ?

Again, thank you!

Ansam said...

I am glad you liked it.. and I love our lounge so much (my three nephews sometimes hate to come in and go yuck girls room LOL)

The pic we bought from the states we did not hang it on the wall yet!

I loved writing this post :-)

Anonymous said...

this is what i can't understand that why don't girls have their own diwaniyas...when i say that to people they find me weird...good u have ur own diwaniya...hope to see this happening in most houses...

Yara said...

wanaasa i love the idea :) ehabil el lounge... and my bday is on the 17th :)

Ansam said...

Its a lounge hehehe but a lot of our friends call it diwaniya for some reason :-P

Thanks :-) mine is on the 18th

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