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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cruel Joke

Bush remark cruel joke, says defence minister
Mon, May 5 01:00 AM

ANGER OVER US President George Bush's contention that spiraling global prices were due to "Indian middle class getting wealthier and eating more" continued unabated. While Defence Minister A.

K. Antony on Sunday termed Bush's contention that growing demand for foodgrains in India was the reason for spiralling global food prices as a "cruel joke", West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya said "he has gone out of his mind since his downfall is near.

" Antony, who is the first Cabinet Minister to speak out against Bush, said, "Policies of USA were also responsible for foodgrain shortage. Those who criticise should not set apart agricultural land for other purposes.

The countries, including America, should rectify their mistakes." Bhattacherjee said, "It is preposterous for anyone to say that global food crisis, including in America, is because of Indians.

It is needless to say what the Indians get to eat or what they (Americans) eat. This only shows how he has lost his senses.

" Condemning Bush, the BJP also attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his silence on Bush's remarks and said it would raise the issue in Parliament on Monday. Calling the PM's "silence" as shameful, BJP vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is behaving like an officer on deputation.

He has been a total failure on domestic as well as foreign fronts. He should at least stand up to protect the country's honour and dignity.

Source: Yahoo!

So what now!? India is responsible for food prices because they are eating more! I dont know who else is responsible for oil and gas prices.. whats next!? If Indians are eating more... more than who? Have you seen the portions of food/meals in other countries!!?? Like for example hmmmm the US?

My personal view; in theory, Dubya gave this remark because he failed to sell FOOD to India!!!! LOL


Hasan.B said...

The never ending dilemma of blaming the indians for everything and anything! But on a more serious note, the german chancellor said the same thing few days back. Although she did blame the western countries, she did focus on india as well. I think she said its because indians are having two meals instead of one a day! On another not very serious note; thank god that the population of kuwaities is MUCH lower than that of indians. Can you imagine how high the prices would be if that was the case?!?! Its terrifying!!

Anonymous said...

He needs treatment!! See the fact here..


and checkout his other great statements here


Ansam said...

yeah! prices are already getting higher

I will check those links out :-) Thanks

eshda3wa said...

why try to make sense on ANYTHING bush says!

Ansam said...

You make a good point!

Grey said...

He's Right ! i am an Indian and i Agree ... we are eating well lately , you can tell by the extra tires i've got ... :P

Ansam said...

hehehe ok! I can make a comment and I can make a RUDE comment ;-) right? I can talk nicely or I can just vomit words outta my mouth without thinking about the consequences!

Hamitaf La B. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh when that monkey opens his mouth.. yeesh.!!!

Anonymous said...

this is totally bullshit comment by George Bush and Rice . Bush is trying to find a rice in bush. Everything said by such people should be supported by facts but he is such a jerk , to know exact facts.
read on
Singh is King

Grey said...

lool ! its Bush ! when he is gone he is going to be a cult figure .. for being a president for 8 years and never making sense in any of his words..

Ansam said...


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