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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eelection Text Messages

I have been receiving text messages till very late last night (or let me say very early today - as early as 4:00AM) I mean what about non-Kuwaitis who cannot vote, or people who are not registered... Its annoying!

Below are some examples of silly ones (I tried to translate it to English in the best way possible so some of it might be lost in translation):

1. Vote for a Kuwaiti like you! (and I say... what about all the other candidates? aren't they all Kuwaitis? Duhhhh!)

2. You are invited TONIGHT -May 17th- for the final Dinner! (and I say: Yeah uh huh sure!! I cant believe all this is over, are you kidding me!! TONIGHT!!!)

3. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, and Son! I need you all! (and I say: it kinda reminded me of Halima Boland's silly incident.. I want mommy.. daddy I want my hubby)

4. Your vote count, vote for your sister -Newspaper Name-! (and I say: Now what!!! Newspapers???)

5. I am oppressed so I need triumph! (and I seriously say: WHAT?)

6. Those who do not testify with falsity! (and I say: are you saying I have to vote for you because you are the best Muslim ever?)

7. It isnt just a rumor, but its a "testimony"! (and I say... yes! Sure!!!)

8. My sister, women have the right to at least one of your four votes! (and I say... yeah WOW GO GIRL POWER! even if you dont deserve it!!)

And MANY more!

PS: I keep adding to the list... any funny ones you have, please share!


Big Pearls said...

looool that is hillarious!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooooooL that is the best election post ever! looooool

Purgatory said...

I got one with the following text (translated)

"I like big (.....), and that I can't deny...."

Jewaira said...

the translation of the sms is funnier than the Arabic!

Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
Yes it is

LOL thanks

yeah right!

yes (lost in translation) heehee

A Journal Entry said...

the good thing is that it will come to an end today!

Enigma said...

"ya ahl il senna faz3aaa
Tara il shee3a kaloonna

inshir to2jar"



Ansam said...

A Journal Entry-
True, very true... FINALLY LOL

Are you serious? I cant believe it was approved to be sent out!!! LOL

Nofers said...

Ansam, thanks for this post.. As a non Kuwaiti I wanted to shoot myself! Those self-marketing sms to my believe were stupid and ANNOYING! Any candidate who sent an sms re-assuring his candidacy to the Kuwaiti public probably knew who was not going to win, a desperate cry for help! Sadly, all the ppl I would have voted for, if I could have, did not win.. so the whole thing is frustrating!!
My question is: will Zain with all the profit gained from the sms marketing give us the public a discount? Wishful thinking I think :D

Ansam said...

You make a very good point! I think a lawyer already sue them!

O.T. said...

i got this sms

vote to Ansam 2008 !

Ansam said...

LOL... yeah right?

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