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Monday, March 16, 2009

Wataniya Airways

For my last trip to Dubai, I flew Wataniya Airways. Overall, it was good experience. The staff are very friendly (although some are not trained well yet) but at least they try and smile. My flight was at 8:15 in the morning, so I left home at around 6:00ish with Isaac. It was my first time to go to the new Sheikh Saad Terminal, but I was told to follow the Wataniya Airways all the way to the airport, which I did and it was very helpful... Isaac on the other hand was so nervous! Every time he goes to a new place he drives so slow and asks so many questions. I kept telling him to follow the signs all the way, which I recommend you do... even if you feel that its taking forever, and even when you see the airport on your right... just follow the sign and do not take turns because you wont get in due to the fences... Yes, you have to take the longer way ;-)

As soon as I stepped out of the car a porter asked if I needed help, and before even reaching the entrance I was received with a big smile of Wataniya Airways employee;

"Good morning maam :-) How are you today?"

And she guided me through to the check-in counters. It was semi crowded but chaotic! It was my first negative impression! An employee came and asked me...

WA (A): "Dubai or Bahrain?"
Me: Dubai
WA (A): Can you please step out of the line and wait for us to call you?
Me: hmmm, sure why?
WA (A): It will only take a couple of minutes
Me: OK!! Sure!!
WA (A): Thanks

I was upset because I had to wait like in the middle of the hall without any explanation! Another employee came and asked

WA (B): Can I help you? Are you flying to Bahrain?
Me: No Dubai
WA (B): Why arent you waiting in line?
Me: I was told to step out and wait here
WA (B): No you can go maam

I had one medium size duffel bag to check in... so I had to move it along with me back and forth...

Me: No please... make sure before you move me around... Do I go back in line or do I wait here! Please make sure because I dont want to move around with my stuff back and forth...

She immediately called a porter to help me... After a while

WA (A): Bahrain? Right? (I think she was asking me politely to step out again)
Me: No Dubai
WA (A): Can you please wait there until we.....
WA (B): No no.. (and she whispered something to her)

At this point I was so upset cuz the line wasnt moving and it was 7:30am... I guess I looked upset cuz one of the supervisor immediately took me to an empty counter to check in... and guess what? My bag was labeled with "LATE" friggin check-in!

The flight went in smoothly, the staff were amazing onboard... I was in the premium economy and the seats are roomy and comfy. You get to use your mobile phones via OnAir service in flight. The food was served like 40 mins before arrival so they literally placed the trays and removed them within 10-15 mins... I did not even finish my breakfast... which was awful and tasteless! But I kept wondering why did they serve it so late!

At Dubai Airport, I was not received by "Mar7aba" Service as promised which kinda pissed me off! I did everything on my own, which is no problem, but when you are promised such services... you expect to get them! Right!?

The trip back to Kuwait was much much better... I was assisted by "Mar7aba" personnel and the food was better, staff took time to talk to us about our experience and they also took the details of my flight to Dubai... But I dont really know if they will investigate about it or not.

I would definitely fly Wataniya again :-) I only think they need more training and more organizing :-) I highly recommend you give it a try.

Hasan B... that's my mini review!

PS: The last pic is of the intruder behind me! LOL... Don't ask :-P


Purgatory said...

As long as they do not have a mileage scheme, I would not even think about flying with them.

Your details also do not encourage me to even think about going through them.

eshda3wa said...

mite give it a shot for my next short trip

Bashar said...

Nice coverage Ansam :)

It's also always the case. Those VIP welcome promises never work do they?

Anyways, anything beats Kuwait Airways. In my case, Jazeera was much better than Qatar Airways as well. Quite on time, nice and clean.

Anonymous said...

Ansam ..

I'd pour coffee on his foot intentionally and be like .. Oops Sorry it was a mistake!

Web Weaver said...

WB Ansam... missed your blogging
Next time I'll plan to travel on Watniya.
And I'll do the same as bsanctuary said, pour hot coffee on his stinking feet!!! "Ooooppss!! So Sorry, I couldn't help myself!"

mohd said...

the foot looks like victoria beckham's neck! http://icydk.com/2009/03/13/victoria-beckham-arrives-at-a-photo-studio-dressed-head-to-toe-in-blue/

Anonymous said...

your negative points would make me reconsider before I want to fly with them. But I wouldn't mind trying them once :)

Ansam said...

I would say... give them time, they will pick up on the mileage program and hopefully better service and training

Yeah, I think I will travel again with Wataniya end of this month!

I would give them time :-)
And I avoid flying Kuwait Airways all the time!

LOL I should have :-P

Web Weaver-
Thanks :-)
LOL Yeah next time something like this happen! hehe


I am considering flying with them again soon! Will see how that one goes :-)

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