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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cairo - To Do List :-P

OK :-) Interesting feedback I got by comments here, facebook, and email or text msgs LOL! I am so excited and everyone is telling me not to have high hopes, but I cant help it!

The pyramids (along with the horseback riding) and the museums are a MUST for me, but to sum up all the suggestions I got by a considerable amount of peeps, I picked the following...

  • Buddha Bar - Sangria - La Bodega (If I get the chance to pass by all three but I dont think so, so I am gonna go for Buddha Bar as a first choice out of the three)
  • Abu El Sid was also highly recommended
  • I am definitely gonna pass by AlHussein and Khan AlKhalili and most likley will go to Najeeb Mahfouz Cafe au contrair to ElFishawi Cafe
  • Four Seasons - Nile (for all kind of food and shopping) my friend also suggested the Thai restaurant at El Dokki Four Seasons, so will see how it goes :-)
  • Anyone heard of Thomas Pizza? My half Egyptian friend said its "Egyptian Style".. interesting :-)
  • Ghash is the best place to try foul (fava beans) and falafel. Its dirty but yummy, thats what I keep hearing. Its in Sayyeda Zeinab and I am up for the risk! I dont think my friend/coworker will try it though LOL
  • Ohhh and I hear a lot about Abu Tarek's Kushari (SO MANY SUGGESTIONS!) hehehehe
  • City Star Mall
  • The Felucca Ride in the Nile at sunset was also highly recommended!
  • Fatimid Cairo, where I can see Darweesh (Sufism, and men dancing in skirts)

Thats a long to-do list for my short stay! I typed them down in no specific order of preference! I wish I get to do all of the above but I doubt it... ohhh and I'm also gonna meet my friend Kelly whom I have not seen in over 10 years!

UPDATE: I added some picture plans (Thanks Dalia :-*)... Sorry I stole your Bayt Al Kiritliyya picture hehehe


Organic Kuwait said...

we visited egypt once to visit my best friend who used to study there we planned to stay for 2 weeks and leave from there to malta .. we couldnt stay more than hmm was it 3 or 5 days ? the streets were depressing and people were yelling at eachother on the streets and it was horrible horrible although she took us to very nice places... my favorite was Sangria!!! i loved this place i felt like floona i would go to egypt just to sit at that tree again.. and i loved their lentil soup it tasted just like mama haya's.

Amar said...

I am glad to help my dear :*

Ansam said...

Organic Kuwait-
For me, I wish my trip was longer than two nights hehehe


Vincent said...

Thomas Pizza is owned by Omar Al sherief very nice pizza! Its located in Al Mohandesen at Shahaab street, also in Masr al jadida.

You should try a Leb. resturant Called Tabboula, its located near the american embassy at Latin america street in Garden City.
you should give it a try!

I miss cairo! enjoy the trip

Purgatory said...

Just for info, I have never been to Cairo, nor tried the place, so if you do not like, not my fault, but if you do, I will take all the credit ;p

eshda3wa said...

inshallah ull have a great time!

Ansam said...

Thanks for the info :-)
I heard about Tabboulah from a couple of friends. Might as well check the place out

Yeah ok

Thanks :-*

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